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Age of Defiance Wordigirl's Unofficial Mapvember 2023 Entry

Map of Bainshaebo and its Iconic Landmarks


(see Bainshaebo)

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Map of Bainshaebo, Thangien Capitol by Mardrena
Made in Inkscape

  Hooooooooo booooooy, this has probably got to be the most complex detailed Inkscape project I've done to date, even more than the Aftermath cover. At least I didn't try to do this in Blender or else I really would've bitten off more than I could chew. I always had an idea of what Bainshaebo looked like but structure placement and scale took a long time to suss out.   The city itself is roughly 3000sq miles, so 750x750mi not counting the surrounding Lonesteads. My logic was that if Texas can fit 3-4 Finlands then Bainshaebo needs to fit 3-4 Houstons.   City pop is roughly 5 million with lots of room to spare. Most action in the story tends to happen around the Four Corners close to the Pavilion, but transport is handled via mount, carriage, or in more recent days Pegasi flight and teleportation. Larger homes tend to be the oldest belonging to the longest-lived families closely situated to the Four Corners or large plots of land. Smaller simpler homes are for single individuals or small families. Newer intermediate-sized homes have become the rage these days to accommodate the incrementally growing population and make use of newly available materials.  



(6. Work, 8. Grow, 10. Move, 12. Pet)  


(7. Learn, 17. Direction, 26. Heat)  

The Pavilion:

(1. Eat, 13. Valuables, 14 Clothes, 18. Bargain, 22. Joy)  

Archives of Raaezen:

(3. Play, 9. Speak, 15. Answers, 16. Words, 28. Nostalgia)  

Rider's Citadel:

(11. Keys, 17. Direction)  

Pit of Spikes:

(4. Fight, 19. Courage, 21. Fear, 24. Anger, 25. Cold)  

The Traedeskaton:

(2. Sleep, 23. Sorrow, 27. Shock, 29. Urgency)  


(5. Love, 20. Hope, 30. Relief)   I probably could've added more but I honestly was worried that it was getting too big and duplicating and stamping homes started to make Inkscape actually lag. Maybe I can do a bigger map for the surrounding area or the planet itself down the road.   (Eyes Blender warily...)

Cover image: Bainshaebo Header by Mardrena


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