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Bangukian (BAN-gu-KEE-an)

Dragons's fire, a conqueror's yearning, the price to pay: Banguk burning...   The warrior-folk of Thanged had barely gotten to know the peaceful humanoids that called Thuruk's seventh planet home when Sur Daggur embarked on his campaign of conquest, setting Planet Fienlor in his sights. The war host mustered by Chi Chi Lina, Ander managed to intercept the fleet and harry them, expecting to rout them or at the very least drive them back to their rocky homeworld. Stubbornly unwilling to accept defeat, Sur Daggur intended to etch his legacy in fire by committing an act so heinous his name would be remembered for the next thousand generations. He ordered the superweapon Vyerrdeklagn aimed towards the hapless Planet Banguk and gave the order to fire to his son Mal Daggur, who gleefully complied. The people of Banguk literally did not know what hit them. All they saw were enormous waves of fire surging over the horizon. In a matter of minutes, fire consumed the planet and its people. The planet itself has recovered since that fateful day, choked with dense forests, but of its people, culture, and legacy, only one remains.

Basic Information


Bangukians appear as dark-skinned humanoids of comparable skeletal and muscular structure to Humans and Thangiens.

Biological Traits

Almethea's eyes are gold and hair white, but precise type and amount of variations amongst the race are unknown.

Genetics and Reproduction

It is presumed they reproduce the same way as Humans and Thangiens do and were monogamous, but virtually no physical records survived nor did Thangiens get the chance to study them in-depth.

Growth Rate & Stages

They seem to age fairly slowly as Almethea was an adult during the Burning of Banguk and looks virtually unchanged in the present day.

Ecology and Habitats

Banguk itself was a very tropical world before the Burning, almost a mirror opposite of Thanged. Whereas the Kundainian Plains and Southern Salt regions dominate Thanged's surface, Banguk was-and remains-nearly 90% jungle and rivers.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Bangukians seem to be omnivores with an emphasis on fruits and vegetables. When not at Raaezen or the Traedeskaton, Almethea spends most of her time in Tirmutua since it reminds her most of her homeworld.

Biological Cycle

Almethea has a very ageless quality to her, though whether this was inherent in Bangukian biology itself or a result of their medical advancements is unknown.


Very tranquil and serene. They were not known to be warlike at any point in their history and maintained a harmonious agrarian society.

Additional Information

Facial characteristics

Bangukians appeared very calm but friendly.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Most of Banguk's planetary surface. Their population at their height dwarfed Bainshaebo's by several times.

Average Intelligence

Almethea was able to understand Oldworlder languages without having seen a human before. She is able to both broadcast impressions and "read" a person at a glance.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Because they lacked traditional vocal cords, Bangukians adapted to broadcast their voices aloud and telepathically, mastering its use to the extent that they could project memories so potent the recipient would feel as if they actually witnessed it. When broadcasting aloud, their voices seem to come from the air itself, but their lips will not move and their mouths remain closed. They could "upload" knowledge directly into a willing recipient.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Almethea never specifies whether this is her true name or a name given by someone else. She has not yet seen fit to go into detail about her culture.

Average Technological Level

Thangiens claimed Bangukians possessed sophisticated homeopathic techniques that embarrassed even the Traedeskaton. While they had never advanced far enough to enter the Vault of Stars, their sprawling architecture remains impressive enough even after being reclaimed by the jungle.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Thangiens had enough contact with them to learn some of their language. Danae provided Ryo with enough of the basic syntax to converse with Almethea. Unlike Thangien with its ancient Nordic and Latin roots, the Bangukian tongue relied more on emotion than actual words.  
Mia and Danae stood close to the front door and watched as Almethea imparted her knowledge to Tanya in the technique only known to a Bangukian. Mia glanced to the side and spotted Ryo pacing off to the side looking very apprehensive. “The way he spoke to her when he greeted almost felt like he knew her he didn’t really need a translator piece,” Mia remarked.   “The translators only do so much. Thangien and Oldworlder have a common lineage in your ‘Latin’, but Banguk took a far different path. One does not ‘speak’ Bangukian so much as ‘feel’ it. If the people are joyous then the language is full of joy. If the people are sad then the language is full of great sadness. She is the last of her kind. Sorrow weighs heavily upon her.”
— Cataclysm War Ch. 10


Bangukians possess no genetic relation to either homo sapiens or homo bellator. With their sprawling cities in ruins, virtually all of their texts have long since been lost whether to the Burning or the elements. They had only recently established reciprocal trade with Thanged, who relied upon the spacefaring pegacorns for travel between planets. With the Burning, all of their miraculous techniques and extensive knowledge was presumed lost forever.  
Events of Foes From Another World
"This is an image record of the Battle of Banguk,” Bak explained as Naz ran the tips of his claws over the console and called up a video on the main screen. The Ronin watched amazed at the sight of the huge Thunthen ships being harried by Thangien riders astride feather-winged Pegacorn. “The Thangien Ranks had repulsed Sur Daggur’s advance, and planned to drive the fleet back to the home world and rout them. The course of the battle took them near Planet Banguk, and it was there that Sur Daggur exacted his vengeance.”   Rowen felt his spine shudder at the sight of the single massive ship lurking behind the bulk of the ongoing battle. From the side, the Vyerrdeklagn looked like a twisted spiked cornucopia with a thin mouth like a cuttlefish. The immense vessel turned sideways, seeming to stare hungrily at the brilliant green Planet Banguk below. The colossal plates forming the ship’s signature maw swung open, and Vyerrdeklagn disgorged a swarm of burning bright objects, sending them in clusters towards the surface of the planet.   The Ronin watched horrified as the first of the swarms spread out in all directions along the surface, leaving fire in their wake. The rest of the swarms followed, and as they swept over the surface, the leading edge of the fires looked like the jaws of a colossal beast swallowing up everything green and beautiful on Planet Banguk. Kento glanced to the side when he heard a strangled cry and saw Tanya turn away from the sight, clamping her hands over her face. Sage felt his throat tighten, and Cye forced himself to watch. Ryo felt a familiar kind of dread settle in his heart. Even Anubis, who’d seen more than his fair share of battle, paled at the sight. Rowen’s gut felt cold.
— Foes From Another World Ch. 24
Planet Banguk by Mardrena
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Events of Cataclysm War
  Bautan and Kylyra hatch a plot to fatally poison Kento, driving him mad and causing him to lose control of his Avatar form. At first the other Ronin are able to keep him contained but he escapes. In addition to causing him to hallucinate, the poison is causing his physical health to deteriorate. In a last ditch effort, Anubis and Rowen travel to Planet Banguk to seek out the self-styled Last Bangukian. Making contact with Almethea, she agrees to leave her world to assist them. After fending off an assassination attempt from Kylyra, they succeed in healing Kento. Afterward she decides to take up permanent residence on Thanged. She participates in the Blood Dawn opening ceremony, standing on the podium next to King Torke, the Silver-Haired Maiden, and Bak Thraplek.
Events of Spacequake
  Dais convinces his biological mother Caroline Wendell to enlist Almethea for aid, but even her techniques are unable to cure Caroline's illness.  

Spoiler Warning: Future Content!

  Last Dance
Almethea leaned down and beckoned to the child. The child fidgeted and turned away, walking out of the room. Almethea moved to follow. "Um, I don't think this is such a good idea," Rowen protested as he and Anubis strode after her.   "He is trying to show me something. He said I must see the 'Metal King'," Almethea replied. The trio walked down the hall, following the little boy as he entered a dark room. Vines enshrouded the blackened stone walls, but enough sunlight filtered in through the cracks for them to see the partially rusted figure slouched in a chair.   It looked skeletal, but instead of yellowed bone and marrow, they saw scorched metal. The three stared at the figure, wide-eyed in horror. The child pointed at the figure and nodded eagerly, rocking back and forth where he stood.   "...Now we know the truth, Almethea..." Anubis began, his voice cracking. "Why the Four Queens did not intervene to save your people from burning. It was not the callous indifference of fickle was a mercy killing..."

Historical Figures

Almethea, the Last Bangukian

Aerial surveys from Pegasi riders have uncovered scattered newly-built villages, but each time they approach, the residents flee and hide in the jungle. Almethea may not be the last of her kind alive, but she is the last possessing the full memory and intellect of her people. She has tried unsuccessfully to connect with these orphans born out of the ash, but they fear even her. Originally intending to live out her days in solitude, she has come to the realization that she can serve far greater good passing on her knowledge. She currently lives in Bainshaebo assisting the Traedeskaton and interviewing scholars at the Archives of Raaezen.  
The Healing Theme
Almethea teaches Tanya this technique in order to heal Kento. It utilizes sound to drive the body to mend under its own power but requires two participants: one to play the Theme, the other to channel life energy to assist the patient. As miraculous as this method proved for Kento, it has its limits. It cannot reverse or halt severe neurological disorders such as Alzheimer's.
The Last Bangukian by Mardrena
Made with Adobe Illustrator (VERY OLD)

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Cordial. They had barely established mutual trade before the Burning.  
Wary. Sur Daggur viewed them as disposable when he fired his dread superweapon. Almethea did stand side by side with Bak Thraplek at the Blood Dawn, so it seems she does not hold him responsible for the Burning.
She looked serene and majestic, tall and regal. She could have easily passed for one of the enigmatic Taulagi. Wispy, springy locks of platinum white hair hung infront of her golden eyes. Dappled sunlight fell across her dark brown skin and the long slim black dress she wore. She held her hands gently clasped over her stomach, regarding the two Ronin calmly.
— Cataclysm War Ch. 9
He briefly beheld moments of a city bustling with activity, of the populace looking at the horizon in horror as seething billowing flame loomed in the distance, of scaffolding holding a stone slab being knocked loose and falling over a deep pit. His vision went dark and he heard a deafening roar through the stone and soil. Searing heat emanated from where the stone and dirt met. Dainty hands not belonging to him scrabbled desperately at the soil when the heat began to subside. He could see light through a narrow opening and emerged out into the open. Instead of a vibrant city and its cheerful populace, a sea of scorched, charred corpses and burnt buildings greeted him.
— Cataclysm War Ch. 9
Scientific Name
100+ years?
Average Height
5-6 ft
Average Weight
100-150 lbs
Average Physique
If Almethea is any indicator, females had a very slim build.
Immense walls of fire boiled up behind the Bangukian, surging high into the sky in successive waves. Seething, roiling, consuming everything in their path. Fire that stretched the horizon and swallowed the sky, leaving nothing but charred flesh and ruin in its path. Instead of the forest, heaps of smoldering corpses surrounded them. The fire closed in, heat smothering and unforgiving.   “!! GET AWAY! GET AWAY FROM ME! GET AWAY!!” Kylyra shrieked and turned around, springing away before Ryo and Cye could strike as if she couldn’t run fast enough.
— Cataclysm War Ch. 10
“King Torke once sent emissaries and gifts, asking me to join him in the Rider’s Citadel, promising me a position of honor. I spurned his offer, thinking he intended only to have me as a curiosity, a object to behold in awe on a pedestal. Only now do I realize why he made such an urgent request.” Almethea turned to face Ryo. “I am the last of my kind. Never again will my people rise in greatness. If I die, then so too will all the knowledge I possess, knowledge that has given your friend new life this day, and then my people will truly be no more.
— Cataclysm War Ch. 10

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