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Shock Hoof

To beat the Wicked into submission...   Ever since ancient Freelanders witnessed the Grand Cresta, they have been inspired by their ferocity and passion. During rut, Cresta stallions will stomp the ground with their hooves in a display of force, as if expecting the very ground itself to crack. Over the ages this evolved into the practice by which a blunt object like a staff or the hoof of a Pegasi is smote onto the ground both as a warning and as a protective charm. Llaudaind will preface a performance by tapping staves on the ground as if to beat wickedness out of the area.


Early attempts to domesticate the mammoth beast-horses of the Kundainian Plains ended in failure, and for good reason: Grand Crestas are simply too willful and too savage. Settling for their more intelligent and docile pegasid cousins, Thangiens believe pegacorns draw inspiration from their wild relatives when they stomp their hooves as a deterrent.   When llaudaun rose to prominence as a performing art, actors would thump the floor of the stage with staves either of solid wood or shod with metal to drive negativity from the venue.   After the rebirth of ailing pegacorns into Pegasi, the now-mechanized equines retained the practice and turned it into a combat tactic. Enough Pegasi at one location stomping simultaneously can collapse an entire cliff.   It is common both in battle and at special events to thump the ground with hard objects. The stomping of Pegasi hooves during a parade is said to sound almost like taiko drums.


When dueling, Grand Crestas will place their weight on their hind legs and strike the ground with both forehooves simultaneously.   At a performance or special event, llaudaind will either dance in a circle or stand in double-file and thump their staves rhythmically.   A lone Pegasi can cause the ground to shake and roil if enough force is applied. Several together can bring the ground down entirely. Less-forceful taps have an almost percussive effect.

Components and tools

Any hard blunt object either the shaft of a spear/staff, the heel of a boot, or the hoof of a equine.


Grand Crestas
Performed during rut before a duel between stallions.  
Performed by costumed actors preceding a show.  
Performed either during combat or at special occasions.
Yulie’s unyielding expression seemed to annoy the young colt and it reared back smote the ground with both front hooves. The blow wasn’t nearly as powerful as a real Shock Hoof, but even though the ground didn’t collapse, it shuddered briefly. Yulie tottered back slightly but regained his balance and straightened himself.
— Aftermath Ch. 11
A rattling echo drew the attention of those seated closest to the aisle to the rear of the seating block. Dozens of llaudaind stood in formation, fully costumed in the wooden masks and cloth-strewn armor of seasoned performers. They each wielded wide banners affixed to metal rods and began thumping the blunt ends against the pavement.
— Foes From Another World Ch. 20
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White Wind reared up on his hind legs and spread his wings towards the ceiling. The leg plates glowed brightly before White Wind struck the concrete floor with both fore hooves. The floor sank and shuddered and cracks ran from the impact area all the way up the walls and to the ceiling. The car creaked as it bounced up from the force roiling the garage.
— Yulie's Tales Ch. 1
“Check it out! A parade!” Yulie pointed at the main gate as hundreds of Pegasi began filing into the city led by the brothers Skybolt and Sunbolt. The Pegasi walked rhythmically, jumping up on their forelegs and stomping their hooves with metallic clacks. Some of the crowd lingered to watch the procession. Sage noticed how his personal Pegasi, Thrender, walked alongside Danae’s steed, Pegasus. He scowled when he heard snickering coming from Cale and Sehkmet.   “It’s almost like taiko drums!” Ryo called over the din and pressed his fingers over his ear.   “I know!” Mia remarked as the Pegasi performed in their own way.
— Cataclysm War Ch. 15

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