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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2022

Somewhere in your setting, describe
a tradition which keeps monsters or bad luck away
A total of 213 entries

Whisper of the Brilliant Stones

Common Courtesies of the Full Moons to Ensure One Does Not Anger the Fae.

Wicker Warding: How the Lauma Guide Spirits

Eulogia apo tin Agio Timaeus

Drinking of the Milk of Dučan

Musical Trail of the Lost Souls

Wind offerings for a quiet sea

closing the shutters at night

"Blow/Wistle Away the Trouble"

Protection against the depths

Superstitions Involving the Fair Folk

How to appease gods through prayers and sacrifices

How Flour became the best Weapon against Beholder monsters

Yakelan, a tradition of physical

Purification of the threshold

The Skull Staves of Vistaghast

Exorcism & House Blessings / Possessions

Against the monsters & the Dark