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Seance With Gikerus

You must be of great fortitude or great foolishness to wish to undertake this seance. Connecting to the mind of the dead is to feel the pain of their death and the weight of the eternal internal wandering of their mind.

Though water fills the canyon from above, the vantage from below—in the throat of the canyon rather than at it's teeth—is dry. A magic within the canyon kept the waters at bay, turning seawater into a blue, glassy cathedral through which the sunlight filters in ebbs and surges.

Ahead of you the canyon's tail dips below the shelf of coral, feeding into the streaked maw of a cave. Guided forward by the cultists, you let it swallow you.

It's a long hike through the corralum before you encounter the temple's back entrance. Though this route is more treacherous, it allows you and your entourage to avoid the prying eyes of the public and cameras of the city, slinking into the hidden alcove in which Gikerus rests, quietly seething over his drath.

Amberchrys Amber God Amberge Mine

The energy in the room is one of apprehension and excitement. You get the sense that this is a rare event, and the cause of much speculation among the hooded figures gathered in the room. They stand near enough to watch, but not to aid, intimidated by the presence of their god.

As you settle into the seat across from the amber statue


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