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Bronze Claw

"The Thaner have retreated from the mountains, and don't know what it takes to survive."
— Dhugaa, a Gafhi in Harhoun.

The bronze claw is a talisman, fashioned from bronze, shaped like the dragon's claw. Usually small enough to fit into the palm of a hand, these claws are carried for protection from the dragon's minions. It is said that who carries a bronze claw is safe from the dragon's wrath, and may pass her minions unmolested. Generally a Gafhi talisman, these claws are rarely found among Thaner.


Whether the claw protects from the dragon or not, the Gafhi Serafi and the Exile Companies generally take a dim view of such artifacts. Often viewing the bronze claw as a symbol of dragon worship, even when the claw works it may simply exchange the dragon's wrath for the wrath of the Agbithan crusaders.


The bronze claw has emerged as a protective charm in the years since the Fall of the Thaner. As dragon cults arose, the claw arose as a symbol of adherence to the dragon, and also protection from the dragon. These meanings have mingled into eachother, and often it can be difficult to tell which is meant.


To gain proper protection from the bronze claw, the claw must be made of bronze, be shaped like the dragon's claw, and be presented to the dragon's minion. The dragon's minion should then not attack. How well this works is difficult to determine, as the dragon's minions are not wont to tell and wearing the bronze claw is taboo to many in crusader land.


The other potential purpose of the bronze claw is to signal allegiance to the dragon-queen. In such a case, the carrier of the claw would might also have scale, and have already given themselves over wholly to Inkrimane. When used by outright dragon cultists, the claw is used as a focus of prayer, and in various profane rituals to praise the dragon queen.

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