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Agbithan Gafhi

The last province of Agbith, and the only one still controlled by the Agbithans, Agbithan Gafhi traditionally consists of the parts of the Gafahraz south of the Zeym river, the highlands of the Baratre valley, and northwestern edge of the main range of the Children of Aktar. The Baratre valley highlands have been the historic centre of Agbithan Gafhi, as the Thaner road network  does not extend further north and makes controlling the mountains between The Zeym and the Baratre difficult.    Though relatively fertile land, the Baratre valley is located on the hinterlands of both the Makuubi and the Thaner, and has never been the center of a great kingdom, thus settlement of the region is fairly sparse outside the most productive riverbanks (such as where Harhoun is built).


Agbithan Gafhi can be divided into the Baratre valley and the southern Gafahraz. The more mountainous southern Gafahraz is much like the rest of the Gafhi's territory. Rich mainly in timber, the montane forests of the southern Gafahraz can be quite chilly in the winter season despite how far south the Gafahraz is. The greater part of the Baratre valley is also less tropical than further downriver, though it never gets truly cold there. The summers in the valley are hot and rainy, as the montane tributaries of the Baratre feed the valley's farmland.

Fauna & Flora

Many of the creatures of the mountains, such as the leopards and the goats venture from the mountains into the valley in the colder months, and most of the creatures of the mountains and hillsides also find a home in the valley. The river Baratre is ruled by the freshwater crocodile. While the highland baboon can be found in the valley, it has been driven away from many of the Baratre's shores by the heavy cultivation of the land on the riverbanks.

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Jan 10, 2022 16:25

I do not know yet how you made that happen, but I feel a special call from this article and region. It reminds me of the ancient crocodile ruler in the second book of the jungle, and it is also such a wild, vivid area despite the article being short. It doesn't feel short, it feels inviting...