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Located at the head of navigation of the Baratre river in Agbithan Gafhi, Harhoun is an old settlement that has long been the center of Agbithan rule in the Gafhi lands. A frontier city, more cosmopolitan than Agbith in general, Harhoun has nevertheless never been the source of Agbith's wealth. A trading city to get Agbithan goods to the Mekub, and Makuubi goods further up into the mountains, Harhoun has historically produced little in terms of trade goods but has made some profits from tolls and merchants.  

The lands in the Baratre valley of the southern Gafahraz are also relatively fertile, giving Harhoun control over a significant breadbastket of the former Agbithan state. Today, Harhoun is no longer a trade outpost, as no metals or minerals come down the mountain anymore. Instead, Harhoun is foremost a military city, functioning as a mustering site for the crusading armies, and a base of operations. Makuubi traders still sail up the Baratre to sell goods to the crusaders, but typically leave only with coin, as the Agbithans will not even sell their grain; it is all required to feed the armies fighting against Inkrimane.


The city is in disrepair in many places, and parts of the outskirts of Harhoun are completely abandoned. The previous inhabitants left 70 years ago, and nobody arrived to take their place. Thus, Harhoun is a shell, though the sturdy Thaner construction continues to provide shelter for soldiers who pass by there.


Like Agbithan Gafhi in general, Harhoun is depopulated compared to its former glory. Composed of three groups, the residents of Harhoun are either the downtrodden peasantry and laborers who have remained in Agbith despite its steep descent, Yaner's clique, or soldiers. The first group tends to be a mixture of Thaner and Gafhi dwarves, while the second is almost exclusively Thaners. The third group is the most diverse, as foreign soldiers from as far away as Karida, Runber, and Valeny arrive to combat the dragon.


Harhoun is the seat of Ras Gafhi Yaner, and the Ras has autocratic control over the city and its environs. Yaner rules by decree, and his rulings are enforced by the Gafhi Sefari under his command. In practice, Yaner is unable to enforce much upon the various crusading armies that do not answer to him.

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