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Harhoun's Fort

Overlooking the Baratre river from the northwest in the center of the city of Harhoun, the fort of Harhoun protects both the Harhoun bridge and the Harhoun wharf, keeping watch over the two of the main entrances into the city. Also the household of the Ras Gafhi Yaner, the fort houses the Ras and his family, members of his court, and even contains facilities for some of the Gafhi Serafi. One of the only buildings that has received expansions since the Fall of the Thaner, the curtain wall having been extended past the bridge along the river.

Purpose / Function

The seat of Yaner's power, the fort is where one goes to petition the Ras. The fort is where the Ras holds court, and the fort is the foremost symbol of the Ras' influence. Used to host dignitaries and broker deals, Yaner rules from the fort. It is also used to defend the city from attacks up the Baratre or from the southeastern side of the river, and is nearly unassailable from across the river. Though the dragonthralls have at times successfully overrun the far side of the river, they have never breached the fort.


Harhoun's fort is built of stone, mainly sandstone and basalt. Settled on a basalt foundation with most of the outlying walls and substantial structures built of sandstone, the fort also has wooden superstructures. Most of the time serving as Yaner's palace, the imposing walls are painted white and the Ras' banner is displayed prominently upon the battlements.


Originally built over 300 years ago, Harhoun's fort has housed several generations of Ras Gafhi. Originally built primarily as a ducal palace, the fort has been reinforced many times in its long existence. Today, it stands as the only castle of the Thaner that has never fallen to the dragon queen.


The fort has been assailed half a dozen times since the Fall, and the southern side of the city has fallen multiple times before the dragonthralls were repelled. However, the bridge across the Baratre has never been taken.

Alternative Names
Crusader Castle
Parent Location
Owning Organization

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