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Exile Companies

Many different groups come to the Baratre valley to fight the dragon. Local tribal militias, the Gafhi Serafi, Makuubi and other expeditionary forces, and simple fortune seekers and mercenaries. Among these, the so-called Exile Companies have always had a prominent role. Formed of networks of Thaner refugees whose ancestors escaped Inkrimane (or even who themselves escaped her), many Thaner who find themselves back on their feet outside their homeland are eager to contribute to the crusader cause in one way or another. Thus, there has been a regular influx of either Thaner warriors or mercenaries directly funded and directed by Thaner exiles into the valley.


Owing to their roots in Thaner society, Exile companies are generally organized like a company of a Thaner serafi. The largest significant difference between most Exile Companies and a field army of a classical Thaner serafi is that the Exile Companies tend to have permanent gate, vanguard, and flank subdivisions and commanders, rather than appointing them on the basis of the needs of that particular field army.


Motivated by Thaner revanchism, Exile Companies tend to work well together with the Gafhi Serafi. United by language, shared cultural background, and organizational characteristics, the Gafhi Serafi are always happy to see a new Exile Company arrive to fight at their side. Some longstanding Exile Companies have also been integrated into the Gafhi Serafi.    At the same time, the Exile Companies tend to differ with the Gafhi Serafi as well as tribal militias on questions of timing and priorities. While the veteran companies of the Gafhi Serafi tend to have a more jaded and defensive outlook, newly minted Exile Companies are rarely content to merely defend the current territory of the crusade, and are known for launching offensives into the dragon's territory even on their own.
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