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Gafhi Serafi

"It profits us none to swell our ranks with conscripts if we can barely feed the force we have now."
— Ras Gafhi Yaner
The Gafhi Serafi (Brigade of the Gafhi) is the sole remaining component of the Agbithan army. Originally a provisional militia called up in times of need by the Ras Gafhi, the Gafhi Serafi has evolved over the century to retain few elements of its original formation but its commander. Having gone through phases of mass mobilization and conscription to eventually becoming a volunteer army and the primary force holding Agbithan Gafhi together, the Gafhi Serafi is the only force that still swears loyalty to a Thaner king, despite there being no such thing today.   Composed of the descendants of exiled Thaners and locals of Agbithan Gafhi, the Gafhi Serafi is a military force under the personal command of Ras Gafhi Yaner, and in practice also serves as much of his administration. A police force as well as a bulwark against the draconic menace, the Gafhi Serafi has seen many battles but is nevertheless accused by many of the other crusading armies of hanging back and allowing foreign forces to undertake the riskiest missions into Inkrimane's territory. While the Gafhi Serafi are quick to retort that they have been fighting the dragon far longer than anyone else, it is also true that if Yaner were to risk the greater strength of his army it is unlikely that he would remain Ras for long.


While the Ras Gafhi is the supreme commander of the Gafhi Serafi, the force is divided into many independent parts. The Degiaci under the Ras command independent field armies, when the Ras himself does not take this role. Under the Degiac are the Shaleqa, commanders of a thousand. Further under them are the four commanders of two hundred and fifty, and further below still the commanders of a hundred.   The Degiac commanding a regiment of the Gafhi Serafi on the field traditionally divides the army into the Gate, the Vanguard, the Left and Right Wings, and Rearguard. Generally these positions are filled by the Shaleqa. In addition, a separate commander might be appointed to control the field artillery of the force.


Though named the Brigade of the Gafhi, the force is truly Thaner in origin, from its command structure to its leading officers. The longest-standing force opposing the dragon Inkrimane, the Gafhi Serafi consider themselves to be the guardians of what remains of the Thaner. Many of them also consider themselves to be the only part of Agbithan Gafhi that really matters, as the Ras Gafhi has for the last 70 years been more military commander than civilian administrator and without the Gafhi Serafi what remains of Agbith might have been overrun already.   Ballooned in importance, the soldiers of the Gafhi Serafi often consider themselves a breed apart, and better than, the common peasantry of Agbithan Gafhi. In particular they disdain the Gafhi tribesmen and are quick to accuse them of adhering to dragon cults. Despite the trouble the soldiers can cause, Yaner is eager to smooth over any issues with them.
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