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History of the Shaftbuilders

The known history of the ancient Shaftbuilder civilization, from the estimated founding of their first shafts to their abrupt fall, and the later finding of their lost sites.

Shaftbuilder Era

6700 5500

  • 6700


    Founding of the First Shaft
    Construction beginning/end

Lost Era

5500 93

Shafts are lost to history, and Shaftbuilder civilization remains hidden for millennia.

  • 5496


    Fall of the Shaftbuilders

    All active shafts are abandoned.

  • 293

    Rediscovery of Kara Heraz

    Though not the largest or oldest shaft, Kara Heraz was the first shaft found since the fall of Shaftbuilder civilization. Discovered by the ancestors of the Thaner in the Children of Aktar, the discovery of this and other Shaftbuilder dwarf ruins would come to define the Thaner for centuries.