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Hi, name's Mishralalayana (as far as I'm concerned), I'm here because I have a passion for history, roleplaying games, writing and worldbuilding. Not all my projects are here though, since I work for the Miroirs des Mondes projekt too (check Facebook!), as well as Feenalý, Dark Ages, Ethelmon... (no, those three aren't on Facebook). My little favourite here is Time Lock, an old dream of a historical rpg universe where one can find descriptions of various settings across times and continents. At first I thought it would just be a rpg-style history manual for gamers, and then it all went ballistic on the third try, so it's gettkng fairly interesting as an independant rpg on its own ! Novel ideas started sprouting too, so I guess it'll make a lot of work!   End of over-enthousiastic part. Back to business. PRFL is just some feel-good recreation time for me, so it's fun but it's not serious, so I hope you enjou it but it might be weird too. And Pointesable is for my players, mainly. Well, even if they're less important for my heart, I still like them, and I hope you will too.

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