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Dragon Queen Inkrimane (a.k.a. Horror-in-Bronze)

Inkrimane, the dragon queen of the Children of Aktar, is an enormous bronze dragon who has made her lair on the sacred mount of Aktar. The de-facto ruler of all she surveys from the top of the mountain, Inkrimane takes what she will and has toppled the two Thaner kingdoms that formerly reigned in those lands. Though none may accuse her of administration, her dragonthralls have since ran rampant in the Children of Aktar.   Despite ruling a sizeable portion of the known world for 70 years, little is known about her. Only a few missives that purport to be from the dragon queen have surfaced, and it is not certain that she even speaks any folk language. The only thing known for certain is that for as long as she lives, nobody is safe in the Children of Aktar.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

A truly enormous beast, Inkrimane measures over 20 meters from her jaws to her tail, with a wingspan of around 20 meters as well. Perhaps 8 meters of this length consists of her powerful tail. Armored in pure bronze, thick scales cover her entire body making her invulnerable to any blade, arrow, or bullet. She has six limbs, with thick and powerful back legs as well as slightly longer and more slender forelimbs tipped with claws that can rend stone. Enormous wings appearing both metallic and leathery carry her great bulk. Her head appears reptilian, with a pointed snout and a crest of scales and horns. Her jagged teeth are as long as swords.

Special abilities

Many unusual powers and abilities have been attributed to the dragon queen over the years. Some claim that she controls the dragonthralls in her territory as the head of a hivemind, and others say that she can transform folk into her minions through a slow corruption. It has been decades since the dragon personally did battle with any force that lived to tell the tale, and consequently, it is not certain if she breathes fire or calls down thunder upon her foes. A popular legend of Semberethes' fall claims that she transformed him and his generals into bronze statues with but a thought. 


Inkrimane rules by virtue of her unstoppable might. The bronze dragonthralls in the Children of Aktar seem to do her bidding, and Inkrimane herself has routed her opposition in every battle she has fought. Thus, she rules, for she will not permit anyone else to call themselves king where she may reach them. However, she does not appear to have established a particular apparatus of governance. Scattered reports from those Thaner still living within her dominion indicate that she has no policies to speak of, and instead dragon rule consists of random robbery by the dragon's minions or even the dragon herself.
Unknown, likely hundreds of years.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Aligned Organization

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