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Inkrimane's Realm

"The Horror-in-Bronze is no conqueror, for it has no order it wishes to impose. If more of its ilk arrive, civilization itself is at risk. In Inkrimane, the machinations of a mere beast triumph over the organization of thinking folk."
— Yenenesh, Thaner scholar writing after Semberethes' fall.

The four dragons that flew north over Kraken's Domain all made their mark in those places where they landed, but it was the bronze dragon Inkrimane that had the greatest impact on world affairs. Landing upon the highest peak in the known world, the dragon descended from mount Aktar on the realms of the Thaner dwarves, laying waste to the realms of Deim't and Agbith. As Inkrimane spread her wings, the thralls of the dragon followed in her wake, humanoid dragons emerging from the earth to besiege those deep hideouts that the dragon queen herself could not reach.


Mere months after Inkrimane had arrived, she landed in king Semberethes' palace in Deim't. The greatest weapons of the Deim'ti useless against the beast, Semberethes sought to bend the knee to the dragon. Instead, she ate him and his court. This act proved instructive, as Inkrimane had no desire to court with the rulers or other realms even after she and her minions had conquered as far as her wings would carry her from her new lair upon Mount Aktar.


Inkrimane's realm now stretches in a loose circle around the mountain, as the dragon prefers to return to her lair frequently, and her thralls do not seem as powerful or as numerous when removed from the shadow of their dragon queen. The territory of Inkrimane encompasses almost all of the former lands of Deim't, and most of Agbith. Deim't has been extinguished entirely, while Agbith lives on in some form as the Agbithan Crusade, a militant society based in the Gafahraz that has tried to push back the dragon for the last 70 years.

Demography and Population

Inkrimane's arrival heralded a vast exodus from mountain realms of the Thaner, as the dragon imposed a new order upon the dwarves and subjected the once proud kingdoms to her caprice. A few of the Thaner still live in her realm, somehow able to cope with the depredations of the dragon or her minions. It is said that these remaining dwarves are little more than slaves, even if Inkrimane's minions may not be organized to do more than rob them every once in a while.   More mysterious are the minions of the dragon themselves. By all accounts, Inkrimane arrived alone, and did not carry an army on her back. Nevertheless, when she descended from her chosen mountain, from those peaks also descended scaled creatures, men with the heads of dragons. As Inkrimane spread her influence, these creatures became more and more common, and their devotion to destruction and death seems to be almost as complete as their queen's. Unable to get into Inkrimane's realm, scholar's can only theorize as to where these dragonthralls came from. Some suppose that Inkrimane carried with her a vast clutch of eggs, while others suppose that she summons them from the earth itself. Another theory holds that those who serve the dragon ultimately become like the dragon, in body and soul.
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