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Mount Aktar

The highest peak in the world, Mount Aktar is a legendary mountain, sacred to both the Thaner and the Gafhi. Located in in the southeast of the Aktar's Children mountain range, the holy mountain gives its name to the lesser peaks that surround it. The Gafhi believe that the God of Roots himself lives within the mountain, and the Thaner believe that the dwarven race itself spawned upon that peak.

Today, the mountain is the lair of the great bronze dragon Inkrimane, and she has driven off all except her dragonthrall minions. Even the Deim'ti monastery that formely sat near the highest peak is abandoned.


A mountain over 9 kilometers high, Aktar towers over the landscape even situated as it is in the middle of a massive mountain range. However, much of the height of the mountain is still obscured by the elevated plain upon which it sits, and the adjoining mountains. It is said a river flows west from the great peak, snaking through the valleys. However, the snowmelt streams are known to be fickle, and in any case the dragon's property today.


Little grows on Aktar despite its proximity to the equator. The montane forests of the lesser peaks of Aktar's Children give way to the chill of the mountain winds kilometers before the peak is reached, and even the monastery of the famously hardy Deim'ti dwarves was situated kilometers down the mountain. The dragon is said to lair at the very peak, making her the only inhabitant of this place.

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