Monastery of the Holy Mountain

Halfway up the slopes of the holy mount of Aktar stands the holiest site of all to the Thaner. The seat of the Voice of the Mountain and the highest temple in the Lorechanter hierarchy, the Monastery of the Holy Mountain was an important religious and cultural touchstone to all Thaner. Though located in the kingdom of Deim't, the Agbithans held the monastery in equally high esteem, for mount Aktar was equally holy to them too. The monastery for its part took pains to not favor the Deim'ti despite being located within the kingdom, and in many ways Mount Aktar was and the monastery on it were self-governed by the Voice of the Mountain and the Wise In History residing in the monastery.


Since the Fall of the Thaner, the monastery has been lost. The first to fall to the dragon, the loss of the monastery on the 15th of March in 442 is often considered the date when the Thaner order ended, even though it took nearly a year for Agbith to finally fall.


The Monastery and its Inhabitants

When the monastery was occupied by dwarves, it usually had around 50 Lorechanters within the main complex. The monks were responsible for maintaining many of the most important ledgers of the Thaner and maintaining the canon of the Legend. The main monastery was made up of three main buildings flanking a courtyard, with two of the 3 buildings partially carved into the mountainside itself. Also located in the monastery were long and winding stairs to the very top of the mountain, though they were rarely used. The most important monument within the monastery was the 10-meter high Mountain Stele, the maintenance and correct recording of which was considered the foremost resposibility of the monks.


Small settlements could also be found down the slopes of the holy mountain, more hospitable places where small scale agriculture with Thaner techniques was possible. Though mushrooms were grown in the monastery itself, most of the food and supplies needed by the monks had to be brought in from the outside.


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