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Debr Haq

Nestled among the high peaks of the Children of Aktar, Debr Haq was many things in its heyday. Once a city of the long-lost Shaftbuilders, the site was discovered and resettled by the Thaner centuries ago. The capital of the kingdom of Agbith, Debr Haq was founded on an unprecedented mineral wealth. Able to utilize the tunnels of the long-lost shaftbuilders, the dwarves of Debr Haq were able to tap into mineral deposits deep below the Children of Aktar. They built out the Thaner Roads, from Debr Haq across the mountains, and thus the rest of the world could partake of what the Agbithans dug from the ground. Known for their unparallelled mastery of mining, gemcutting, and metallurgy, the only rivals of the people of Debr Haq and the Agbithans were Deim'ti Thaner, founded on similar sites further southeast.


Today lost to the dragon Inkrimane, reclaiming the city of Debr Haq is the first goal of the Agbithan Crusade, as the city was the heart of old Agbith. It is unknown if anyone still lives in Debr Haq, though it is believed that those dwarves that were unable to escape the dragon still toil in the shafts, enslaved by the dragon's minions.


Built above an ancient Shaftbuilder site, Debr Haq was divided into the upper city and the shaft. The upper city was directly adjoining the entrance to the shaft, and its many tunnels were used as mining tunnels, while old shaftbuilder infrastructure was still used to bring up minerals from the deep below. Though mining and selling the proceeds of mining formed the backbone of the city's economy, it was also a great administrative center, containing the royal palace of Agbith.


The city was fortified and defended by the mountainous terrain, with earthworks that had leveled the mountainside into tiers also serving as formidable walls. The city also posted guard into the shaft below, as Debr Haq contained an opening into the ancient Shaftway that had never been fully cleared of abominations.


Though built on a mountainside in the middle of the Children of Aktar, the Agbithans had performed engineering marvels to make the area livable. The mountainside below the city had been cut and terraced, bent to agriculture by dwarven will. This constructed geography surrounded the Agbithan capital, enabling it a level of self-sufficiency. The streams flowing down the mountainsides had been likewise bent, turned into irrigation channels for the Thaners' crops.

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Debr Haqi
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