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Pillar of Horns

"Do not engage the Pillar of Horns until the rest of them are routed."
Yaner, before the battle of Koskaro.

The Pillar of Horns is a powerful dragonthrall of Inkrimane who has served as the apparent field commander of the dragon's forces. A persistent enemy of the Agbithan Crusaders, the Pillar of Horns has led two large-scale assaults on the dwarves' last holdout and has survived both attempts despite ultimately being defeated. A mighty presence on the battlefield, the Pillar of Horns is the most well-known individual dragonthrall and also the most hunted.



Fortunately for the crusaders, The Pillar of Horns has not demonstrated any particular tactical brilliance when directing his horde. Even when he is present, dragonthrall tactics generally boil down to massed charges, using speed and ferocity to defeat their foes. Though the Pillar of Horns himself fights well, and the dragonthralls immediately around him seem to fight in a more sophisticated fashion, he has not been able to mount assaults that can defeat well-formed Gafhi Serafi formations without massive losses.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

The Pillar of Horns is a massive dragonthrall, towering over both his dwarven opponents as well as lesser minions of the dragon queen. Broad and tall, the Pillar of Horns is covered in a hard layer of bronze scales and his upper body and head are covered with bony growths. These growths are akin to large bronze horns, twisting upwards from his shoulders, chest, and head, and give him his nom-de-guerre among the Agbithans. Though these horns might seem to obstruct his movements, they do not seem to slow him down in any way.

Apparel & Accessories

The Pillar of Horns usually does not enter battle armored except for a hide skirt, for his scales are protection enough. He wields an enormous halberd, carved from the bones of a great beast.

Over 16
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Aligned Organization

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