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The newest race in the known world, the dragonthralls have appeared where the dragons of the Great Northern Flight have landed, seemingly at the command of those great scaled beasts. Ranging in size from similar to orcs and gnolls to more halfling proportions, the dragonthralls are a varied lot. Streaming forth from the four Wyrmpeaks of the dragons, the dragon's thralls reflect their masters, with the dragonthralls in the white dragon Avorikat's domain being white-scaled and cold to the touch, while the dragonthralls of Inkrimane have scales of bronze and a metallic appearance.

Basic Information


Dragonthralls come in all shapes and sizes, and some suspect that they are in fact not true-breeding creatures, but warped forms of other life, bent by the dragon's influence into something resembling the dragon itself. Scaled and with dragon-like heads, dragonthralls appear in many ways as humanoid dragons. Some have vestigial wings, while others can expel destructive energies from their mouths, similar to a dragon's breath. It is unknown if dragonthralls even have sexes, or how they reproduce. However, observations into their behavior by Kilthians and Agbithans alike suggest that they do tire and they do need to eat, making them at least somewhat natural creatures.

Additional Information

Social Structure

While dragonthralls appear to communicate with eachother, outside observers have struggles to identify clear leaders of dragonthrall packs. Known to rely on sheer ferocity and weight of numbers in battle, it is doubtful if dragonthralls have complex command structures or anything more elaborate than simply following the toughest and scariest dragonthrall. Notably, dragonthralls do not appear to have civilians, or at least nobody has ever come across one. Each is ready to turn their claws upon the enemy at a moment's notice.

Civilization and Culture

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

The dragonthralls have been almost universally hostile to all other races and nations in the known world as the dragons' coming has heralded the destruction of kingdoms and clans. Speaking no language but their own and seemingly uninterested in trade, little is known about the motivations of these creatures, and many doubt if they even have wills of their own, or if they are somehow extensions of the dragon who leads them. When the white dragon Thatavor died and his less belligerent son Avorikat took his place, the white dragonthralls of the north likewise ceased their attacks, but have remained reclusive since.
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