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Pillar of Horns' Warband

"The word from the frontier is that the Pillar of Horns is on the move once again."

Ever since the Fall of the Thaner, the crusade in Agbithan Gafhi have been harried by dragonthralls. Often disorganized, random marauders, individual small scale incursions are relatively easy for the Gafhi Serafi to beat back. However, when the Pillar of Horns himself emerges, the dragonthralls descend down the mountains in force, a tide of scale and claw sweeping away all resistance.


Though named after the Pillar of Horns for its current commander, a force of dragonthralls has existed in the mountains beyond Sholos for over 50 years before the first sighting of the Pillar of Horns, and has not much changed in behavior since.


As a military organization, the Pillar of Horns' Warband is fortunately relatively ineffective for the numbers and combat potential of individual dragonthralls. Lacking in siegecraft and complex tactics, as well as supply capability, invasions tend to exhaust themselves quickly for lack of food if the crusader armies are at all able to slow down the advance.


Little is known about the organization of dragonthrall marauders. That they come in force when the Pillar of Horns emerges gives cause to suppose that the Pillar of Horns commands them in some way, though it is also possible that the dragon queen herself commands them all through some magical means. Most crusader commanders believe that the Pillar of Horns commands them, and indeed does so through some kind of rank structure.


The mightiest dragonthrall thus commands the whole of the invasion force, and is surrounded by other prodigious examples of the species, but coordinates the whole effort through adjutants and lesser minions of the dragon, who carry forth the Pillar of Horns' and ultimately the dragon queen's design. Even smaller groups of dragonthralls do usually appear to have a leader, and it is likely these leaders ultimately answer in some way to the Pillar of Horns.

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