Three Wardens

The Three wardens sounds fancy but represents the act of doing something thrice in order to ward off bad luck. It is common among the Evanis, and comes in a couple forms. It related to the idea that many powers in nature and divinity come it sets of three and that by invoking that pattern one can gain strength and avoid disaster.   

Common Forms

Triple breath: It is considered a healthy method for stress control to breath slowly three times when under stress or about to do something dangerous. It is also considered healthy to take a triple breath when leaving home and coming home. Some other ethic groups find this odd as it can often delay departures a few seconds for no apparent reason.   Triple Words: Things such as No, No, No; yes, yes, yes; and certainly certainly certainly will pepper the conversation of many Evanis. For many this is calming, but for others quite a grating habit.    Triple Cakes: In food it becomes very common to layer things in groups of three, especially at events such as birth celebrations and weddings. For weddings having three, three layered cakes is the most traditional desert, to celebrate getting the marriage started with the best luck possible.   Triple Belts: In fashion the use of three belts/bandoleers are often used to provide luck in ones profession. Evanis healers, wise women, and clerics will often have patterns of three in their garb regardless of their religion.    Triple Wave: This is one of the most common forms people know about. The taking of three fingers and raking them diagonally in front one the body to ward off demons, devils, and beasts. Used often in fear and worry.
Related Ethnicities

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6 Aug, 2022 09:30

I love mixing in a number to general cultural norms like this - feels very believable, and reminds me of some of the gift-giving traditions of some places. The three-word one is especially appealing to me, and there's a lot of fun world building going on here. Very well done indeed :D

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I really like the cultural layers here with great examples of what and who would be doing this as well as the potential reaction from those less faithful or superstitious.