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Wearing and Hanging Scales

"We need a new scale, hon. This one chipped when I dropped it. Go to the market and buy the largest one you can find."

"You know it doesn't actually prevent bad luck, right?"

"Hush. It just makes me feel better.
— Eldahi family conversation
  Many Eldahi People hang at least one magimandus scale in their homes as a way to ward off bad luck. Usually, they hang this above the front door or just near it. Others believe you should have one at each entrance to a home.   Some children's stories indicate that hanging a scale from the magimandus by the door will prevent malevolent spirits from entering the home.  


Some Eldahi people also wear the scales as pendants, usually tucked beneath their clothes. This is prevalent with guards, military, and hunting groups throughtout the Nolari Forest.  
Take this. May it bring you back home to me.
  Occasionally, scales are gifted to young people entering into dangerous professions, like the Eldahi Defenders. Those who collect naturally-shed magimandus scales for sale in the Eldahi markets prefer to wear scales that they have collected themselves.   Some believe wearing a pendant will also discourage dangerous creatures from attacking. Though there is no proof that wearing one actually decreases animal attacks or other injuries.
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