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Eldahi People

We walk the path of the gods and have not forgotten there were more than just two. Those gods were our ancestors.
  The Eldahi people believe themselves to be decended from the gods of Wennovi. They believe the gods bestowed gifts upon them in the form of magic and that they maintain that connection through communing with their ancestors and honoring their entire line of predecessors.   This belief also encompasses the idea that they are responsible to protect their lands and the plants and wildlife within. As such, the Eldahi people, by and large, cling to traditions and the "old ways" often eschewing more modern ideas, machinery, and magitech (though not all).  

Ancestral Magic

The Eldahi people consider their magic to be Ancestral magic. While it is a form of theurgy, it differs from Divine Magic in that the Eldahi rely on a connection to their ancestors in the spirit realm. The connection to the spirits, and consequently the user's access to magic power, is stronger on ancestral or family lands and weaker farther away from these lands.  

Types of Magic

Their practice of magic involves many different types of magic used for numerous outcomes. Compared to other nations of Imbria, the Eldahi people exhibit the widest range of magic expression.  
A prick of a finger for a spell, despite being relatively benign, would be declared blood magic magic by followers of Torva, and therefore banned there and throughout Salaris. And their communications with their ancestors, the way they siphon energy from each other, and some of their burial rituals push the boundaries of what would consider to be necromancy.

Energy Sources

While the Eldahi rely on and attribute their abilities to the ancestors, they pull power from many energy sources.  
    From the spirit realm and invocations to ancestors
    Plant growth, water flow, geothermal, & other natural sources
Celestial Events
    Movement of stars and moon, eclipses, comets & other celestial bodies
    Drawing energy from others in the community & group spells


While the Eldahi practice many types of magic to many uses, they do observe very strict rules in terms of the limits of what is allowable.
  • Siphoning magic must be consensual and must not lead to harm
  • Minimal damage to nature
  • Show respect to nature, ancestors, fellow Eldahi
  • Everyone has something to contribute - even nomas can contribute a small amount of energy to group spells
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Ancestors guide us
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Author's Notes

Thank you for reading!   One of the biggest things I focus on in this setting is how magic, its use, and the rules and customs surrounding it vary from nation to nation, culture to culture. This is why I've spent so much time detailing magic use and attitudes in this article.

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