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Elder Council

The Elder Council, headed by High Council Elder Wendell Silvane, is the highest authority in Eldahi. It is comprised of seven members; each one oversees a district of Eldahi and casts a vote in national matters.   The High Council Elder sets the agenda for the Council, determining priority issues, maintains order during Council meetings, and casts the deciding vote in the event of a tie. Ultimately, responsibility for the health, safety, and status of the nation falls on this person's shoulders.  

From Matters Large to Small

Seated in Eldavi, the capital city of Eldahi, the Elder Council rules over all matters in Eldahi, either directly or indirectly through appointed representatives and leaders.  

Major Issues

On major issues, the Elder Council convenes to deliberate and vote.
  • National laws
  • National taxes & commerce
  • International trade & foreign relations
  • National defense strategies
  • Matters that would impact a large percentage of the Eldahi population
  • Interpreting the will of the Ancestors and how that applies to the populace, their future, and their magic use

Localized Matters

Smaller matters are assigned to individual members. In these matters, individual members have the authority to make rulings on behalf of the entire Council. Each Council member has authority over a specified district and are held responsible for the actions of the appointed leadership in their district
  • Localized laws
  • Merchant disputes
  • Civil disputes
  • Criminal trials
  • Reviewing, auditing, and approving the actions of appointed representatives in towns and settlements throughout Eldahi

Moving up the Chain

Those who are dissatisfied with local rulings may appeal. If the appeal is approved, the matter is sent to a committee of 3 - 4 Council members to be deliberated. A second appeal to push a case up to the vote of the entire Council is possible, though this is rarely approved.   Occasionally, Council members may choose to bring an issue forth to the entire Council if they need help deciding a matter or if they believe a particular issue is of national importance.

Ancestors Guide Us

Government, Leadership
Government System
Parent Organization
Related Traditions
Related Ranks & Titles
Controlled Territories
Notable Members
Related Ethnicities

Governing System

The Elder Council functions partly as an oligarchy, a gerontocracy, and a theocracy  
  • Hereditary oligarchy: group of 7, positions inherited
  • Gerontocracy: Council members are often elderly, not always
  • Theocracy: reverance and adherance to the will of the ancestors is religious
  • We walk the path of the gods and have not forgotten there were more than just two. Those gods were our ancestors.

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