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Wendell Silvane

High Council Elder Wendell Silvane

The Ancestors smile upon our people for a reason. Trust in the wisdom of our traditions, the might of our people, and the strength of our ancestral ties.
— Wendell Silvane
  Wendell Silvane is the current High Council Elder for the Elder Council of Eldahi and the head of the Silvane family. Wendell has been High Elder for almost 28 years, inheriting the position after his father died from a sudden illness.  

Public Perception

Wendell is a very serious, well-spoken individual who commands a great deal of respect from those around him. He is a generally well-loved member of the Elder Council and seen by many as a representative of the Ancestors, the Eldahi People's closest link to their gods.   Nevertheless, some still criticize him on everything from his international policies and Elder Council votes to trivial things about him such as the foods he eats.  
“I’m ready to step down, Mina. But how can I name Silas my successor when he absolutely refuses to learn from the wisdom of his people, when he tries to buck tradition at every chance? I thought he'd grow out of this by now!" Wendell sighed, pacing the dining room. "His pigheaded refusal to follow expectations, his need to constantly push boundaries, to question and try to change everything, he gets these from you!”   Mina smiled. “Do you know what I see?” she asked. “I see a young man who is driven by love for his family and his people, a stubborn young man who is willing to shoulder the burden of responsibility. I see determination, pride, perseverance, courage, strength, and integrity. You two are more alike than you realize.”   "My sister would do well in the role."   "She doesn't want it. And would you really pass over your own son? He is strong in magic and a capable leader. You've prepared him for this since infancy."
Current Location
Currently Held Titles
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Partner: Mina Lowell
Son: Silas Silvane

An Uncertain Future

One major criticism Wendell routinely faces is the shrinking numbers of the Silvane family. He and his wife Mina produced only one child and direct heir, Silas. While other blood relatives exist, many feel this a deriliction of duty to protect the direct lineage of the High Council Elder position, thereby increasing the likelihood that someone less trained, less suited, less capable, and less able to interact with the ancestors will eventually hold the seat.   Others, however, are more than happy with the prospect of the Silvane family losing the claim to the position.
The Silvanes are a national treasure, every one of them. They are born for this role and are favored by the Ancestors for a reason.
— Eldahi citizen
There's no reason why the Talas family or some other family shouldn't be elevated to the position. We would do just as well!
— Francis Talas

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