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Elder Village

Situated far within the Nolari Forest, Eldavi is the capital city of Eldahi and the location for its Elder Council. As such, it is the political center for the nation.  
Eldavi is an ancient settlement, built on the foundations of our forebearers. It was here long before Eldahi was considered it's own country, and it will continue to be here long after you and I depart to the spirit realm.
— Elder of Eldahi

A Fairly Accessible City

While imperfect, Eldavi is the most accessible settlement within the Nolari Forest and throughout Eldahi. Government and public buildings prioritize ramps over stairs and wide passages.   Historically, Eldavi served as the Elder Village for the semi-nomadic ancestors of the Eldahi People. Their aging population and people with mobility impairments would settle within the village alongside the Elder Council, and therefore the settlement and buildings were designed with this in mind.   Over time, much of the Edahi culture has shifted to more permanent living, necessitating the expansion of settlements like Eldavi. And while Eldavi now has many large, 4-story buildings, building codes ensure they are built with accessible features such as mechanical elevators.  

A Tight-knit Community

With exception to the government district and the upper district where the leadership and wealthy families live, buildings in Eldavi are often built such that they abut one another.   Ample strips of greenspace and old-growth trees are preserved within the city and often break up this blocks of dense dwellings.   The point of this is to limit sprawl and to reduce deforestation as much as possible. New construction must be approved by the Elder Council and must be proven necessary to the community.  

Eldahi Pilgrimage Site

Eldavi is located far from the eastern border of Eldahi. That and Eldahi's fierce protection of its borders means the city sees very little international tourism. Emmisaries and Ambassadors will visit the city, but otherwise, it is rare to encounter foreign guests.   However, being the site of the Elder Council as well as the burial grounds for important families and ancestral lines, many Eldahi will visit the city periodically to pay respects to their ancestors or to seek an audience with the Elder Council.   Additionally, when a Council Elder steps down or dies, news spreads throughout Eldahi, and many will travel into Eldavi to see the Confirmation Ceremony for the next Elder ascending into the Council.  
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About the Name

While Eldavi means Elder Village in the Ancient language, it has far surpassed the classification in terms of population.   Nevertheless, it has not occured to the Elder Council or the Eldahi people to change the name, as the nation and its people largely cling to tradition.

Building Codes

With the exception of watchtowers, no building in Eldavi is over 4 stories tall. And no structure may extend above the surrounding canopy.   All buildings must be wheelchair accessible.   Fire-resistant building materials where possible: stone, stucco, bricks, etc.  
A small village in the forest
by Wombo
Artistic depiction of Eldavi many, many years ago

Cover image: Village by Peter H from Pixabay


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