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Ancestral Hall

Lia trudged up the stone steps, passing by the smooth, stone ramps to either side. Each step toward a pair of massive oak double doors brought her closer to judgement. Today, she would stand in front of the Elder Council, and they would decide her fate.   Once she reached the shaded landing between massive stone columns, she glanced back at the crowd of strangers watching her. She squared her shoulders and pulled the heavy doors just wide enough to slip inside.
  The Ancestral Hall of Eldahi is a massive building in Eldavi that primarily functions as a meeting hall for the Elder Council, Eldahi's ruling body.   This building serves other functions as well. It contains:
  • City hall - public meetings and forums
  • Offices of high-ranking public officials
  • Various meeting rooms including the Elder Council Chamber
Parts of the building even serve in perserving Eldahi history
  • Archives
  • Hall of Ancestors - contains ancient artifacts/relics
  • Hall of Elder Portraits


The Ancestral Hall has been rebuilt and expanded many times over the years to include more and more functions of government and offices. Rennovations and reconstructions are often approved not only based on necessity, but also in an effort to maintain the impressive stature of the building.   Other government and public buildings have been built around the Ancestral Hall, making it the focal building in the downtown district of Eldavi.
Ministry / City hall
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About the Name

The Ancestral Hall is named such because the Council Elders are considered to be representatives of the Ancestors and govern in their name. They are expected to be able to commune with the Ancestral realm and interpret those messages.  
Council Elder
Profession | Jul 22, 2022

Member of the Elder Council of Eldahi, the most powerful governing body in Eldahi

Lia paused just inside the doors. She expected a sterile, polished lobby like that of the Trade and Commissions Office of and other government buildings of Paltetia. Instead, the lobby of the Ancestral Hall was smaller, much busier, and warmly decorated.   A massive dark red rug covered the rough, stone floor. Large wooden benches lined the walls, and many were occupied, while small groups chatted in front of the two hallways to either side. Paintings, engravings and small items were mounted on the walls. Crests and banners hung along the top of the lobby displaying a variety of colors and emblems.   Silas motioned toward another pair of double doors across the lobby. "The main Council chamber is straight ahead."

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