TAC Office

Trade and Commissions Agency Headquarters

There's something intimidating about waiting in the lobby with the guards and then walking those halls with the regulator who will issue your fine.
— Business owner of Theden
  The Trade and Commissions Agency of Paltetia headquarters building is located in the financial district of downtown Theden in Paltetia.   TAC monitors pricing of goods and services, as well as distribution, sale, and source of goods to ensure that citizens are being treated fairly and not being scammed by counterfeit or illegal products.  
The TAC headquarters' location in the financial district gives TAC regulators easier access to Theden's bigger businesses and a better vantage point from which to monitor them. It also serves as a statement of power.   Business owners may also pay fines and meet with regulators at the TAC building.   The majority of the work TAC regulators and agents do involves reviewing business taxes, sales, and distributors, and researching pricing trends. The offices offer them the perfect place from which to do that and to take meetings with business owners and other regulators and agents.


This tall, glass-and-stone building is typical of Theden's business district. Designed to blend in, little differentiates this building from the surrounding offices.   Large, glass doors open into an open, marble-tiled lobby. As the only entrance to the building, security can easily monitor all who enter. Elevators line the back, past the reception counter and security checks.   The second floor holds conference rooms, and the upper floors of the building are lined with offices and cubicles, much like any other office. An expansive workout facility can be found below ground.
Alternative Names
TACAP Headquarters
Organization Type
Theden, Paltetia
Wennovi by hcraven using Azgaar's
Paltetia is the western subcontinent of Wennovi.


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