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High Council Elder

The High Council Elder is the leader of the seven Council Elders of the Elder Council of Eldahi. In many ways, the High Council Elder is treated as the leader of all Eldahi, particularly when it comes to interacting with ambassadors and leadership of other nations and setting foreign policy.  

Responsibilities within the Elder Council

The High Council Elder:
  • Sets the agenda for the Elder Council, determining which issues to prioritize for Council meetings. Other members might put forth issues, but the High Elder generally chooses what topics are addressed and when.

  • Maintains order during Council meetings.

  • Casts the deciding vote in the event of a tie.

  • Determines if and when to call emergency Council meetings. If another Council member wants to call an emergency session, they must convince the High Elder.

  • Delegates responsibilities to other Council members as necessary.

Incomplete Authority

Council Elders can, and occasionally do, overrule the decisions of the High Elder and challenge the High Elder's policies. Any Council Elder can present their objections and put forward an alternate action to vote, which may or may not result in the High Elder's policy being overturned.

Cultural Importance and Public Perception

Generally speaking, the High Elder is a well-respected position amongst the majority of the Eldahi People. He is more than their leader. He is symbol of their connection to the ancestors, a human link to the ancestral realm.   As such, the entire family of the High Elder enjoys elevated social status.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

The Silvane clan started and led the original Elder Council, and the family has held onto the High Elder position ever since.   Theoretically, it would be possible to remove the High Elder, and even strip the Silvane family from holding the position, but it would require a concerted effort from the entire Elder Council.
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Current High Council Elder

Wendell Silvane
The Ancestors smile upon our people for a reason. Trust in the wisdom of our traditions, the might of our people, and the strength of our ancestral ties.
— Wendell Silvane
The Silvanes are a national treasure, every one of them. They are born for this role and are favored by the Ancestors for a reason.
— Eldahi citizen
There's no reason why the Talas family or some other family shouldn't be elevated to the position. We would do just as well!
— Francis Talas

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