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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2022

Somewhere in your setting, describe
An organization associated with governance, leadership or change
A total of 329 entries

Alliance of Independent Systems

Circle for the Promotion of Responsible Vika

Brothers and Sisters of the Eight

The High Clans of Vistaghast

Society of Wizards and Other Related Demographics

Grand Council of Conventum

The Mages Guild of Albernon

U.S. Department of Supernatural Affairs

The Levant Autonomy Collective

Ducal Guard of Dalishae Duchy

The Magical Creature Alliance

Ashfire Council of Democracy and Liberty

Guild of Ratcatchers and Associated Trades

The T'cheran Humanitarian Relief Endeavors and Defense

The Arnastian Grand Alliance

The Kartovian Exploration Society

Board of Misconduct and Nobility

The Brown Scorpion Society of Soojun

The Commission of the United Commonwealth

The Noble Council of Salire

The Vintet and The Council of Alderman

The Temple-Tribunal of Yathra Silthame

The Bureau of Administration

Shadowbranch Business Guild

Hubris Terraform Decentralized Autonomous Organization

Arcane Workshop Fellowship

The High Clerics of the Andrytes

Enguwyi: Keyrit's Star Collectors

Golden Hoard Capital and Investment Management

Altruistic Concilium of Sacred Architecture

Ortegan Spellcasters' Council

The cabal of the arcane arts

Order of the Tenth Circle

Ameristos Ergatai tis Anadephuros

Monastic Order of Noteworthy Agnostic Dooloomais

Board of Genetics and Shra Integrity : B.G.S.I.

The Founder's Council of Ithosia

Oroborian Imperial Court

United Galactic Federation

Karte's Raised Bakers Resistance

Barony of the Bats government

The All Practitioner Union