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Federation Federal Government

The ruling government of the Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets

The Federation Federal Government is the the highest level of government in the Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets, led by the President of the Federation alongside a congressional body - made up of the Senate, and the House of Planetary Representatives. In addition, a large judicial body makes sure both the executive (the president) and the legislative (the Senate and the House of Planetary Representatives) do not abuse their powers.    Each sector in the Federation is given representation in the senate, with each electing an individual senator to represent them. While it is up to each sector to decide how they elect their senator, the vast majority do so through a vote of the Sector Government, with each elected official granted a singular vote. Sector Governments may recall their individual senator at any time. Where Federation Sectors make up the Senate, individual planets send their own representatives into the large House of Planetary Representatives. Each of these representatives has an area under them approximately equal in population to any other representative, thereby assuring equal representation. The non-partisan Electoral Border Management Commission is responsible for drawing up these borders, which undergoes quadrennial reviews from all political parties to ensure its non-partisanship.    Under the Federation Federal Government is a variety of ministries, which are organisations led by elected politicians and oversea government agencies under their ministry. For example, the Ministry of Intelligence - led by Senatorial Minister Penny Rankin, overseas the intelligence agencies of the Federation, such as Federation Federal Intelligence and Federation Secret Intelligence, alongside others.   


  The Federation Federal Government was formed from the remnants of the Federation of Iomhare and the Republic of Raybia, upon their merging to form the Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets. For a brief period before a full election with all residents of Iomhare and Raybia, the previous representatives of the two nations held office, though they were unable to pass any meaningful legistlation.  









Federal Departments

Federation Government

Federation Senate
From left to right
Government POD (29)
FLP (16)
FDL (12)
Opposition FUP (25)
NA (20)
Crossbench FP (7)
RPP (4)
WPF (2)
JF (1)
PFK (1)
House of Planetary Representatives
Government POD (5,998)
FLP (942)
FDL (1,481)
Opposition FUP (2,976)
NA (2,925)
Crossbench FP (453)
RPP (601)
WPF (714)
JF (32)
PFK (27)
IND (3,105)

Articles under Federation Federal Government


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