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Federation Armed Forces

The central military structure of the Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets

No force in the galaxy that exists, or has existed, has the capability to defeat the current Federation Military in conventional warfare. Hell, combine the military of every Jeraci Republic and the Kingdom of Apreas and I still might bet on the Federation. I'm glad they're on my side.  
- Richard Austin, 4764 AC
  The Federation Armed Forces, also called the Federation Security Forces, the Federation Defence Forces, or the Federation Military Forces (abbreviated FAF, or FDF to prevent confusion with the Federation Air Force), is the military organisation responsible for the defence of the Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets. In addition, it serves as the security force for dozens of Planetary Republics, and as the naval security force for the Republic of Kandino. The Federation Armed Forces operate from hundreds of bases across the Galaxy of Astraesto, with a central headquarters on Envis - the de-facto capital of the Federation. It is controlled by the Department of the Military, led in day-to-day business by the Secretary of the Military, and headed by the Minister of the Armed Forces, currently Andrea Noruma. The Armed Forces are accountable to the Federation Congressional Body.   The Federation Armed Forces are primarily composed of three organisations, the Federation Interstellar Navy, the Federation Federal Army, and the Federation Federal Air Force. Most other military organisations fall under the umbrella of these three branches, although notable exceptions are the Federation Maritime Navy and the Federation Intergalactic Garrison. These organisations are able to organise military operations and logistics through the FDF, allowing for high levels of cooperation between the branches   The modern Federation Armed Forces were formed following the outbreak of the 2nd Galactical War. A string of early Federation defeats - thanks in large part to a lack of coordination between branches and individual fleets, saw President of the Federation George Whistle and his government enact emergency reforms, formally creating the Federation Armed Forces. While initially, the Federation continued to rapidly lose territory, as the war progressed, the Armed Forces were able to eventually overpower the 3rd Imperial Republic of Jerace, resulting in an unlikely victory for the Federation and the Pact of Anfieden. The initially temporary reforms quickly became permanent, and the Federation Armed Forces were formally created.   Both highly technologically sophisticated and numerically dominant, the Federation Armed Forces are often considered the most powerful military force in Galactic history. It is in large part thanks to the power of the FDF that the Federation is considered to hold Galactic Hegemony over Astraesto. The organisation operates throughout Federation Space, as well as several satellite galaxies of Astraesto, most prominently Sanoliad. The military sees strong support from almost all major political parties in the Federation Federal Government, with the exception of the FLP, and as such enjoys a strong budget, dwarfing any potential adversary.    
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  The Federation Armed Forces are divided into five main branches, each responsible with protecting the Federation. They are the Federation Air Force, the Federation Army, the Federation Intergalactic Garrison, the Federation Navy, and the Federation Maritime Navy.  

Federal Air Force (FAF)

  The air forces of the Federation are largely centralized under the Federal Air Force, the largest collection of aircraft under a single organisation in the Galaxy. The FAF does however, primarily serve as a supporting organisation to the other branches, most often the Interstellar Navy. Both the Federation Navy and Army have their own air forces that they operate, separated from the FAF.  

Federal Army (FFA)

  The ground component of the FDF, the Federal Army serves to defend all Federation planets and territory. The largest such force in the Galaxy of Astraesto, it is also one of the most technologically advanced. It has near-unlimited amounts of equipment and manpower and operates on every populated planet in the Federation.  

Intergalactic Garrison (FIG)

  Responsible for Federation territory beyond the borders of the Galaxy of Astraesto, the Federation Intergalactic Garrison is the most independent of the five main services. While nominally a part of the FDF, the Intergalactic Garrison almost always operates without support from the other branches - with only small amounts of Federation Interstellar Navy support.  

Interstellar Navy (FIN)

  The most powerful branch of the Federation Armed Forces, the Federation Interstellar Navy - more simply known as just the Federation Navy, is the Federation's primary space combat force. It has more than 3000 warships at its disposal, with hundreds of additional support vessels, easily dwarfing any other naval force in the Galaxy.   Almost every non-military Federal organisation that operates large spacecraft leases it from the Interstellar Navy, with the navy interconnected with numerous organisations inside the Federation. Several military organisations also serve as subsidiaries of the Navy, most notably the Marine Corp.  

Maritime Navy (FFMN)

  The smallest and weakest of the five branches, the Federation Maritime Navy has always served as a defensive support unit, designed to protect important locations on planets with large amounts of water. In this way, most Maritime ships serve as mobile defence platforms, with large amounts of anti-aircraft weapons on board.
Founding Date
3999 AC (Unofficial) | 4041 AC (Official)
Military, Armed Forces
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Federation Security Forces, Federation Defence Forces, Federation Military Forces
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