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Pact of Anfieden

The secret alliance of nations, that toppled an empire

We knew this war was coming for decades, we made plans, alliances. Now we see if it was worth it.
  In the decades leading to the 2nd Galactical War tensions would drastically rise across the Galaxy of Astraesto among the many nations that rule it. The 3rd Imperial Republic of Jerace was becoming increasingly powerful, with their military holding Galactic Hegemony over the rest of the galaxy. Under this threat, the Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets and the Kingdom of Apreas stood nearly alone, against a power incomprehensibly stronger. To better organise their defiance, the two nations, and soon also the Republic of Osheni, would join in a semi-secret alliance, dedicated to their defence against Jerace, the Pact of Anfieden.   While the treaty itself was signed on Anfieden, and the capital planet of the Federation gave its name to the pact, the Apreasean Government and Royalty - specifically Prime Minister Silas Reed and King William II, were its original proponents. Under the guise of increasing the already lucrative trade routes between the Federation and Apreas, Reed would travel deep into Federation Space to meet with President of the Federation George Whistle to formally organise the treaty. Despite some resistance from the President, an agreement was eventually reached between the two Governments, though Whistle did insist on including the Republic of Osheni in the pact - with an envoy being quickly dispatched to their embassy, to join the talks.   Certain defence and military treaties had already been long established between the three nations, and many more throughout Astraesto. However, the Pact of Anfieden specifically intended to unite their independant resistances against Jerace. The pact functioned to map out the opening months of any potential conflict with the Empire, with a large number of possible scenarios being mapped out.   When the 2nd Galatical War actually broke out, the Pact was immidientely engaged by the Federation, with Apreas and Osheni rapidly mobilizing their forces and declaring war. The Pact soon thereafter became known to the public, and the alliance of the three powers against Jerace became known as the Pact of Anfieden. Despite no other nation officially joining the pact, all the nations that fought against Jerace during the war were referred to as the Pact of Anfieden.

3978 AC - 4004 AC

Alliance, Military
Official Languages
Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets
Organization | Jun 8, 2024

The Bastion of Democracy, the Federation is one of the many nations that make up the Galaxy of Astraesto, and the most powerful.

Kingdom of Apreas
Organization | Apr 3, 2024

Among the strongest of Astraesto's nations, Apreas is a key force in perserving the natural status quo between the superpowers

Republic of Osheni
Organization | Jan 1, 2024

The oldest of the Galaxy's many nations, and a significant power in its own right, but long since eclipsed by those it helped form

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