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Republic of Osheni

The oldest nation that still exists in the Galaxy of Astraesto

We walk one path, the warring powers of the Galaxy walk another, it is on our path that greatness is achieved. In a Galaxy of a trillion stars, what need is there of conflict at all?
  The Galactic Republic of Osheni is a Human nation within the Galaxy of Astraesto. It shares galactic borders with the Kingdom of Apreas, Kingdom of Echodia, and the Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets but is relatively isolated from the galaxy. Osheni is ruled as a unitary state with a semi-presidential government. The planet of Berna serves as the capital of the Republic.   The Republic of Osheni is the oldest of the current nations of the Galaxy, founded in 743AC, during the Oshenian Split.
Founding Date
Geopolitical, Republic
Oshenian, Osheni
Government System
Democracy, Representative
Official Languages
Notable Members

Trusted Allies

The Republic of Osheni and the Federation have long been trusted allies of one another, with the Federation often shielding Osheni from outside threats.

Trade Partners

Osheni was a break away Penal Colony of the New Terran Republic, eventually healthy relations were reached between the two nations and trade was established.

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