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Galaxy of Astraesto (As-tray-sto)

This article refers to the location, see Astraesto for the world primer

Astraesto, a bastion of civilization in an endless Universe of seemingly nothing. A land for humankind to live and die, to achieve so much, yet accomplish so little. Perhaps it is our prison, a refuge from unknown horrors hiding beyond, in the deepest, darkest corners of the cosmos. Perhaps it is the base upon which will be born an intergalactic power, with undisputed dominion over all space.   Whatever else it may seem, to us, we whose ancestors undertook a great voyage to reach this place, know it as home. A complicated, sometimes even violent home, but a home nevertheless.
— Ashley Harris
The Galaxy of Astrasto, alternatively and previously known as the Astreasto Galaxy, Terran Glaxy, Adellan Galaxy, and Lathander J482, is a medium-sized 3 armed unbarred spiral galaxy that contains the overwhelming majority of known Human, animallia, and plantae life. The name Astrasto was first coined by New Terran Republic Chancellor Hayley Lucia following the Scan Break, as a reference to astral navigation. Initially regarded as a joke, the name soon began to garner popularity in the Republic and was soon officially recognised in 78AC. The name has stuck, and all Galactic nations use Astraesto as the name of the Galaxy.   Astreasto is located within Virgo Supercluster, a component of the Laniakea Supercluster. Astraesto and its nearby neighbours, including the Milky Way Galaxy and the Andromeda Galaxy are categorized as belonging to the Local Group of Galaxies. Astraesto is approximently equal in size to both Galaxies, though is believed to be the smallest of the three. The vast majority of human life is found along the Terran and Jorus Arms, subsections of the far larger Buldaran-Elvana, and Primal Arms.

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