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New Terran Republic

The forgers of the Modern Galaxy, destroyed by the very nations it allowed to form

We are forced to reject our past, we are forced upon a path of progress. Where we might have once retreated into that past - a land of old grudges and older friendships, now we must come together in our shared isolation. A Galaxy is there, ripe for the taking, desperate for anything or anyone to see it, and bask in its glory. We should take it, use it, and build our civilisation amongst the stars of the future. Let us not speak even the name of our forebears, that is not our home any longer, for we are a new coming of our species, strengthened by the experiences of old, and yet not burdened by it. Astraesto is to be our home, it must be.
Thomas Weaving, Chief Explorer to the Galaxy of Astraesto, 1AC
  The New Terran Republic (NTR) - also known as the Colony of Man, was a sovereign nation within the Galaxy of Astraesto, formed shortly after the initial Human colonisation of the Galaxy. For two millenia the Terran Republic reigned as the Galactic Hegemon, during a period now known as the Golden Age of Discovery. It was during the Golden Age that numerous planets across the Galaxy would be discovered and thereafter colonised, all holding allegience to the New Terran Republic.   Following the colonisation of Astraesto by the Homeland, and the subseqent breakdown of communications between the colonists and the Homeland, it became clear that a new government was needed. Spearheaded by the Chief Explorer Thomas Weaving and Governor of Astraesto Maynard Thornton, a constitution was written for a new nation, the New Terran Republic. Built from the ground up to be a decentralised representative republic, with a unified Federal Government, the principle goal of the new nation was to foster humanity's exploration and coloninisation of Astraesto.  
Colonisation of the Galaxy was initially swift,
            The New Terran Republic (commonly known as the Colony of Man) was one of the only nations found in the Galaxy of Astraesto throughout the 1st, 2nd and the first few centuries of the 3rd millennium. During the greatest era of peace and prosperity Humanity has ever known.   It was the largest nation to ever exist within the Galaxy, encompassing much of the territory now held by the Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets, the Empires of Jerace, the Kingdom of Apreas, and the Kingdom of Apalachi. The Colony of Man is considered the direct or near direct predecessor to nearly all of these nations, particularly the Federation.   The Capital of the Colony of Man and then the New Terran Republic changed several times over the millennia. The first capital was the planet of Horizon, the very first planet ever colonised in the Galaxy. Other notable capitals include Viperia, Echoe, and the final capital, New Terra.   The dissolution of the New Terran Republic would come at the hands of the 1st Empire of Jerace, after centuries of corruption and malpractice had broken the Republic apart. Many sectors and regions would break away from the New Terran Republic during the war against the Empire of Jerace, leading to the independance of many of them. With their defeat at the hands of Jerace, the New Terran Republic collapsed in on itself, leading the 1st Empire of Jerace to near Galactic dominance.

1 AC - 2306 AC

Geopolitical, Republic
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Democracy, Representative
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Terran Standard Dollar (TSD)
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Trade Partners

Osheni was a break away Penal Colony of the New Terran Republic, eventually healthy relations were reached between the two nations and trade was established.


The 1st Empire of Jerace would split off from the New Terran Republic, eventually leading to it's destruction.

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