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The Homeland

Perhaps one day we might be a part of that, returning to our true home. But for now, it remains out of our reach...
The Homeland refers to the lost home world of Mankind. Thousands of years before the current day, the very first ships were launched from this forgotten planet, carrying but a few thousand people. Their place of arrival in Astraesto was the planet of Horizon. From here, their descendants would reach the edges of the Galaxy, and form some of the most powerful nations to have ever existed.   As these new arrivals settled there home, more came after them. Thousands more, on great colony ships. Infrastructure on the planet began to expand around a singular city, which would become the de facto capital of the newly formed Colony of Man, later known as the New Terran Republic. Eventually all but one of these colony ships would return back to the Homeland, where they were never heard from again.  
At first, it was believed to be a communication error that would be quickly resolved. But as weeks and then months passed, the colonists eventually came to the unnerving realization that the Homeland would never hear them again. They were abandoned in a foreign and unknown Galaxy and a foreign planet, with no one else coming to save them.   Worry began to grip the colony, thousands of men, women and children were stuck on a remote planet with no contact with their home. The colony ships had already departed, and the only one that still remained was nowhere near operational enough to travel to any other planets. In essence, they were stuck.   Luckily enough, Horizon proved an able enough world for habitation, and humanity was able to survive this early period. The desperation of the colonists at certain points, however, would lead to the Astrasteon extinction of several animals, including Cows and Chickens. Variants of these animals have since been created by scientists, and remain a food source for the human populous across the galaxy.   The Colony ship that didn't leave would only be fully repaired 70 years after it arrived. But with its repair came a new age for Humanity, one of colonisation and expansion that would stretch for five millennia and beyond, and it all began on a medium-sized continental world, lost in the Galaxy.
They stayed together, they survived together. That is the only reason you are here today. Work as a team, and you can never be defeated.
Image by Comfreak from Pixabay
Image by PIRO4D from Pixabay

Attempts to Find The Homeland

You can try, you won't be the first, and I doubt you'll be the last.
Throughout the millennia there have been countless attempts to pinpoint the whereabouts of The Homeland. Hundreds of explorers have all tried and failed, from every nation in the Galaxy. Thousands of ships, all with the most expensive and up-to-date technology haven't even come close.   It is near-universally agreed that the Homeland is in a separate Galaxy from Astraesto, but exactly how far is up for debate. Some say it would be a neighbouring Galaxy, but the Colony ships of the Homeland were incredibly advanced, and it has been said they could travel for thousands and thousands of light years without any signs of age. Given the location of Horizon, most believe the Galaxy to fall beyond the south-western parts of Astraesto.   Three of the current nations of the Galaxy are known for their extensive searches for the Homeland, all wanting to be the ones to finally discover it.  
Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets   The Federation primarily employs two government ran organisations in their search for the Homeland. These are the Federation Navy and the Survey and Exploration Corp. The planet of Hargrave IC was originally believed to be a probable location for the Homeland, but after Federation researchers arrived they found no evidence linking it to the Homeland.
4th Empire of Jerace   Jeraci attempts to find the Homeland are led entirely by their Navy, which is a different approach to both the Federation and Apreas. At any time dozens to hundreds of ships can be spotted on the fringes of Jeraci space searching for something. This something is near-universally agreed to be the Homeland, although as some point out, they are looking in the wrong direction. Unless they know something no one else does.
Kingdom of Apreas   The Apreassean Exploration Group lead the effort to find the Homeland in Apreas. The Apreassean Exploration Group have a long history that stretches all the way back to the first colonists, and so many in the group feel it is their obligation to their ancestors to find their ancestral home.
A Home Long Lost
Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay
What is The Homeland really? (Meta)
The Homeland is what we in the Milky Way would call Earth. A terrestrial planet home to billions. But unfortunately for the denizens of Astraesto, it's location has been lost and its population has never been heard from. A unknown cataclysm is believed to have befallen the Planet, what that is, and how severely it has affected Earth is as of yet unknown, and I do not plan to tell you.


  Since the very day communication ceased with the Homeland, theories have been brought forward to explain the absence. Many of these have been debunked or otherwise unsubstantiated, but a few Theories still hold weight.   Communication Malfunction (Possible, unlikely)   The very first colonists on Horizon initially believed that it was indeed just a communication error or malfunction. After all, Horizon was hundreds of light years away from the Homeland. But as the years passed, fewer and fewer people began to believe this was just a communication malfunction. Surely, they claim, it would have been solved by now if it really was just an error. There are still some today who cling on to this belief, and many still entertain it, but most agree that it is unlikely to be the true cause. Although, as some scientists believe, the communication halting may be due to other events, such as in the event of a cataclysm.  
Image by Aynur Zakirov from Pixabay
  Cataclysmic Event(s) (Possible, highly likely)   Arguably the most popular theory. It is the belief of many that an unknown natural (or perhaps man-made) disaster caused the Homeland to cut ties with The Colony of Man. War is an obvious contender, although some say a natural event would be more realistic. A super volcanic eruption for example, or large meteors from outer space. These events could then tie in with communication malfunction, another theory put forward.  
Image by Alexander Antropov from Pixabay
  Abandoned (Unsubstantiated, Highly Unlikely)   Among the first colonists there were a select few who were cynical enough to believe that they had been abandoned by the Homeland. This belief has remained in circulation around the galaxy for many years now but is mostly disregarded. The Homeland had no conceivable reason for abandoning the colony, on all accounts, it was a profitable venture and led to the discovery of hundreds of habitable planets. Hence why many dismiss this theory out of hand.

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