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Federation Navy Exploratory Fleets

An Organisation of the Federation Navy, dedicated to exploration

And so we enter a new Galaxy, it might as well be a new world.  
It's so... beautiful.
  I thought you might approve
— Captain Tannerhill and Second Officer Lindsey, 4762 AC
  The Federation Navy Exploratory Fleets are a dedicated group of the Federation Interstellar Navy, dedicated to exploration of the Universe, particularly within the Galaxy of Astraesto. The Exploratory Fleets are incredibly similar to a regular System Fleet of the Federation Navy, although the exact composition of their fleets varies significantly. The number of fleets assigned to the Exploratory Fleets is subject to extreame varibility, with their currently only being a single fleet in active service, a far cry from the 20 the Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets has at times fielded.   In the modern day, the Exploratory Fleets have begun to move farther and farther from the Galaxy of Astraesto, stretching to other areas of the galaxy under the Federation's sphere of influence. In particular the sattelite galaxies of Sanoliad and Calisis, where the Federation has established or controls a number of subordinate nations.   A key goal of the Exploratory Fleets is the discovery of The Homeland, the famed homeworld of Humanity and from where all Astraestoians descend.
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