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They say one finds everything in Astraesto, or loses everything.
-Common Astraestoian Proverb
Astraesto is the largest of the Universes galaxies known to space faring life. It reaches across hundreds of thousands of light years in each direction, and harbours trillions maybe even quadrillions of humans.
Naturally, some planets have excelled. Either because of a natural advantage, in the form of an abundance of resources and easier access to colonisations of other planets. Or due to hard work, by everyone. From the highest rungs of society to the lowest each doing their part for the betterment of everyone.
Creations of massive Trans Galactic Highways allows for easy travel between neighbouring galaxies, although war has often left these highways in disarray. Only one major highway still functions, and only thanks to the protection of a majority of the Federation Navy's vessels.
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