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A New Galaxy, A New Start, A New Home

Hey there! Thanks for checking out my world! Astraesto has been a long term passion project of mine, and I love exploring the many different areas of it! This is such a huge setting, with infinite possibilites to explore, I hope you'll apppreciate it as much as I do!   Please absolutely feel free to critique, and give plenty of feedback, it only ever helps me improve, and make better work. Even if you just read through the articles, I appreciate that heaps too! Just enjoy it!
It Is The Four Thousandth Seven Hundreth and Sixty Third Year of Astraestoian Colonisation
The Galaxy belongs to Man, The result of mellenia of conquest and colonisation
No foe has even risen to face them, their strength is without equal
Yet peace does not reign in this Galaxy of Humankind, for they are violent, ambitious, unruly, and more
A flawed, yet complex species, capable of so much, forever burdened by infighting
This is their playground for war
This is the Galaxy of Astraesto

What is Astraesto?

A galaxy built for Humanity, to rise beyond our mortal coil, and take our place amongst the great stars of the Universe. A world without conflict, without the fight of resources - for they are endless, a world of peace like we have never known. We shall be reborn anew in this Galaxy, that I know.
Thomas Weaving, 1AC
Astraesto - named for the Galaxy in which it takes place, is a science fiction and fantasy World, that follows the exploits of the Human race, as they colonise and expand throughout a galaxy that some argue appears tailor made just for them. Even in a world of post-scarcity however, the alure of power, and deep-seeded nationalism, has brought conflict in a world where there need not be. Competition reigns, between individuals and nations alike, seemingly neverending. Yet still, there are cases to be made of unity and cooperation between Humanity, often exemplified in minor - yet deeply symbolic, acts.   Even through its challenges, Humanity has thrived, marking claims to thousands of planets, spread across most of this Galaxy and beyond. The vast distances between them solved through Humanity's greatest invention, Faster Than Light Travel. A creation deeply shrouded in mystery, and beyond the skills to comprehend for most. A last boon of The Homeland, the ancient and seemingly unfindable motherland of Humanity, long lost to the denizens of Astraesto.   It is now the 5th mellenium, and the Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets has grown from small beginnings to the Galactic Hegemon of the Galaxy. It is rivaled only by the 4th Imperial Republic of Jerace, the newest in a line of Empires desperate to enact their rule upon Humanity. Meanwhile, the smaller powers of the Galaxy squbble amongst themselves, looking for the scraps left behind by the Superpowers.   While the existence of Alien Life - in the form of vast amounts of fauna and flora, is a long established fact of life for those within Astraesto, intelligence to rival man has never revealed itself. Indeed, many doubt such a possibility at all, and have long been content to Galactic dominance of their species. Though rumours persist, echoes of a distant civilization not unlike Humanity's own, home to creatures beyond human conception, and perhaps, comprehension.
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The Allure of Space

Venture unto the stars my friends, explore the endless plane. The site of wonders beyond imagination.
— Malen Brewer, 48AC
The allure of space, the desire to discover and explore, has long gripped Humankind. Such was its temptation, that it led to the colonisation of Astraesto itself. Across many years, much of the unexplored has been discovered, with an endless array of planets, moons, stars, nebulae, and more rewarding humanity's efforts.   Huge advanced space-faring vessels foster such exploration, massive in size and scale, these ships are each equipped with great engines, capable of performing Faster Than Light Travel, ensuring the vast distances of space are but a small obstacle, rather than an infallible one. Requiring monstrous amounts of power to ensure both functionality and longevity, smaller ships capable of FTL travel are incredibly rare and incredibly expensive.
Across the years, humanity has come to spread across vast swaths of the Galaxy, though the vast majority of its people, and its most powerful nations, reside along the Terran and Jorus arms. Fragments of civilization can be found across the entire Galaxy, with often just a few hundred individuals laying claim to entire planets. While success and riches are common enough for more and more to attempt such a lifestyle, an increasing number disappear into the void, never to be seen or heard from again.

Battles Across the Stars

To travel through that void carries inherent risks, for piracy and war have long ravaged the desolate spaces in between worlds. Most ships carry some degree of protection, but there is little one can do against a determined pirate or a warship.
— Inessa Anya, Imperial Captain, 2458AC
While space travel is convenient, and popular, it ranks among the most dangerous activities in Astraesto, especially for the everyday citizen. Even in times of peace, where the major nations are fully devoted to protecting their space, pirates lurk in endless numbers. Space is endlessly vast, and in that void numerous ships do battle every day.   Each interstellar capable navy and each ship are uniquely suited to numerous different roles in the pursuit of victory. The three-dimensional nature of warfare in space has led to various diverse and innovative tactics. Five millennia of conflict have led to numerous advancements in these tactics, and the innovators are often rewarded with victory, even when against the odds.   Warships in the 5th millennium are often broadly specialized into three distinct roles, long-range artillery, close-range brusiers, and strike craft carriers. Using a mixture of missile, kinetic, and energy weapons, fleets and ships usually begin combat from incredible ranges, armed only with long-range sensors. Assuming both sides refuse to back down from the initial provocation, they continue to move closer to one another, unleashing more and more of their armaments. By the time visual contact is confirmed by the eye, rather than technology, it has become too late to back down, with a successful withdrawal becoming increasingly difficult. It is at this moment, that a ship may go in for the kill. Every weapon fired is near impossible to intercept, and strike craft are at their most effective when supported in full by a warship. Before long, a ship emerges victorious, though many admirals and captains rightfully prefer the dishonour of defeat, to the destruction and loss of their ships and crew, causing many battles to conclude long before it gets to that point.

Great Galactic Highways

A testament to the ingenuity of our species, and to the power of cooperation, even between our once enemies.
Robert Newman, Chief Architect, 3114 AC
The Great Transgalactic Highways are one of Humanity's greatest achievements. Transportation hubs found in some of the most populated areas of the Galaxy, allowing near-instantaneous travel across thousands of light years, far faster than even the best FTL engines found on individual space vessels.   Built by the Grand Highways Initiative, the construction of the Transgalactic Highways was the result of a huge cooperative effort between the nations of Astraesto. Spearheaded by the Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets, and the Galactic Hegemon, the Empire of Apalareas, vast numbers of equipment, resources, and manpower were poured into the project.   Five such Highways were built by the initiative, connecting hundreds of planets, and even entire nations to one another. In the centuries since their construction, war and corruption have destroyed or weakened many, and the resources required to maintain them have grown exponentially. Only three of the original five Highways remain in operation, each protected by vast numbers of naval vessels and static defence, befitting their importance.
The Highway ensures our continued survival, and is key to our prosperity, I will not abandon it to Jerace, but neither still, will I see it destroyed.
George Whistle, Federation President, 4007AC

The Nations of the Galaxy

A Galaxy and its satellites, ready for the tacking. A thousand nations, disparate in power and strength but equal - always equal, in ambition. Deep-seated nationalism would have them believe the Galaxy is theirs, a place for them and them alone. Allies, only a temporary truce to defeat a greater threat, or to preserve some semblance of Galactic dominance, however fleeting it may be.   None has ever proven the strength to fully take the Galaxy. Still, the Universe advances ever onward unto eternity, and eternally, shall this species war amongst itself, every new Kingdom, Republic, or Federation merely setting the stage for its successors. It's an unending story indeed.
— Anonymous

The Galactic Sovereigns

No known force in the Galaxy is stronger than that of the Galactic Sovereigns. Their power is absolute and without equal. They control vast militaries, with economic and political power to dominate the rest of the Galaxy. By their very nature, there can be very few at any moment, and the wrath of a single sovereign stretches far, far enough that there is nowhere in the Galaxy safe from their retribution.
— Julien Head, Federation Historian, 4755AC

The Galactic Powers

There is a triarchy of powers within Astraesto, weak enough that any war against a Sovereign would end in certain disaster, but whose support is important in ensuring Galactic balance. They have each carved out their spheres of influence, often under the watchful eye of the Sovereigns.
— Janus Palactio, Osheni Historian, 4122AC
For the many minor nations of Astraesto, see: The Nations of Astraesto
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Galactic Periods

The History of Astraesto can be broadly separated into several notable periods. Usually, but not always, centring around the dominion of a new Galactic Hegemon.

The Golden Age of Discovery

48 AC - 2295 AC
The first, and longest of the Galactic Era's, the Golden Age of Discovery saw Humanity's first forays into the Galaxy of Astraesto, following the disastrous and enigmatic Scan Break. Under the control of the New Terran Republic many grand expeditions characterized the period, with tens of thousands of stars, planets, and more discovered.   Many important planets and star systems that dominate the Galaxy today, first saw their discovery and settlement during the Age of Discovery, including Envis, Moneyye, and Avanor. While settlements on these planets initially started small, surviving on only what they could forage from the planet, as populations began to skyrocket, and new interstellar capable ships were constructed, the first makings of cities began to form. For the vast majority of this period, the planet Horizon served as the geopolitical, and economic centre, as it served as the capital for the New Terran Republic.   The Golden Age would come to an end due to the 1st Galactical War, which saw the 1st Imperial Republic of Jerace and Republic of Osheni decisively defeat the New Terran Republic, gaining control of the Galaxy.

Hegemony of Imperial Jerace

2307 AC - 2913 AC
The Terran Republic has fallen, defeated by its own creations. War has proven its worth, and now two nations, once allied, must contend with one another, for control. Let them fall apart as my Republic did I say. Let them break and burn, and learn the consequences of ambition.
Celica Harper, Former Terran Chancellor, 2307AC
The end of the Golden Age of Discovery saw two nations take centre stage, the 1st Imperial Republic of Jerace, and the Republic of Osheni. While both these nations were allied and joined forces to defeat the New Terran Republic, they were ultimately left as foes, as both sought new territory in the wake of the 1st Galactical War. While Imperial Jerace was the superior force, and the nation by which the period is named, the political power of Osheni was instrumental in shaping the future of the Galaxy for millennia to come.

Imperial Jerace

The dominion of Imperial Jerace hinged on the strength of its impressive Imperial Navy, which supported a vast exploratory and colonial effort, mapping many portions of the Galaxy missed during the Golden Age of Discovery, and constructing new cities across numerous planets.   The Imperial Republic would eventually fall, largely due to internal strife, and widespread corruption, exacerbated by a failed war against the Osheni, and the formation of many new nations, during the period.

Republican Osheni

Primarily focused on trade, and political power, Osheni never had a significant military force, and certainly not one able to contend with Imperial Jerace. Like Jerace, Osheni was heavily interested and invested in colonial efforts, though often through privatized ventures.   The Republic would survive Jerace's Hegemony, and became the strongest power - though not the Galactic Hegemon, during the centuries following Jerace's fall, remaining an important power even in the modern day.

Hegemony of Apalareas

3206 AC - 3409 AC
Photo by Nathan Anderson on Unsplash
A disputed Hegemon certainly, but one whose impact remains today, even if it could not fully impact those at the time.
— Unknown, 4398AC
The Hegemony of the Empire of Apalareas, was a short-lived, though historically significant period of Galactic history. The union of the Kingdom of Apalachi, the Kingdom of Apreas, and the Falchan Kingdoms, Apalareas was a militaristic power, though weakened heavily by a divided populace.   Its Hegemony is the most disputed of any in history, as its overall strength was rather limited, and it rarely if ever exerted any sort of Galactic influence. Many minor nations and powers saw the period as a time to gather strength and further their own influence. The Empire's eventual fall, a multi-decade-long process, with several rebellions and threats of civil war, led directly to several smaller nations becoming powers themselves.

2nd Hegemony of Imperial Jerace

3964 AC - 3997 AC
The resurgence of a once great power, seemingly stronger than ever before. Their pride would prove their downfall, as they could not see any nation rising against them as the Federation and her allies did. Jerace's Hegemony was far more a lie than Apalareas ever was.
— Janus Palactio, Osheni Historiann, 4113AC
Jerace would return as the Galactic Hegemon during the final century of the 4th mellenium, as the 3rd Imperial Republic of Jerace. An overwhelmingly militaristic power, the sheer scale of the Imperial Navy was often enough to defeat any substantial rival, and intimidate any who would oppose them.   Their Hegemony was relatively short, their domination holding for only decades, rather than the many centuries of Apalareas, and the previous Jeraci Republic. A group of many nations, spearheaded by the Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets, the Kingdom of Apreas, and the Republic of Osheni were key in stifling Jerace's power. The Kingdom of Apalachi's support of the Imperial Republic forced the scales of power on Jerace's side, with many at the time believing it an unbeatable power.   Jerace's 2nd Hegemony would ultimately lead to the 2nd Galactical War, fought thousands of years after the 1st, easily the deadliest and most impactful of all wars in Human history. The Pact of Anfieden, and the Jeraci-Apalachan Coalition would battle for decades. Many hundreds of planets were subjected to the full might of interstellar militaries. At their peaks, the Imperial Navy, Interstellar Navy, Republican Fleets, and both Royal Navies totalled hundreds of thousands of warships, and many more auxiliary and support ships.   Despite massive casualties, and the surrender of Apreas and Osheni during the Avanor Accords, the Federation would successfully defeat Jerace, utterly devestating the Empire in the process. In so doing, the Federation cemented itself as the new Galactic Hegemon, the undisputed power in the Galaxy.

Hegemony of the Federation

4040 AC - Present
While many have come to question the hegemon's of the past, the Federation's is unquestionable. They pretend Jerace remains a rival if only to extend their own strength in reply, Envis alone possesses the strength to defeat half the Galaxy.
— Unknown, 4744AC
The Hegemony of the Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets is the current era of Galactic History. With their massive success during the 2nd Galactical War, no force capable of challenging their dominion arose following the war.   The Federation's Hegemony has lasted over seven centuries, and unlike those that came before, it shows no signs of diminishing power. With undisputed military dominance, a huge population, the most powerful economy, and numerous allies both within the Galaxy and outside it, there is no questioning the Federation's dominance of the Galaxy.

Early Colonisation

Opening Year

Humanity arrives at the Galaxy of Astraesto, forming the next stage of their civilization, and providing the framework from which they will came to rule the entire Galaxy

  • Beginning of Galactic Calendar
    Voyage of the First Astraestoians
    Population Migration / Travel

    From a Galaxy unknown, the first Human expedition arrived in the Galaxy of Astraesto. This human group, of approximently 5,000 are remembered as the first Astraestoians.

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    Journey to Emergence
  • 1st Day of Colonisation
    Arrival on Entry
    Population Migration / Travel

    The new Astraestoian colonists arive on Entry - named due to its status as the first human venture in the Galaxy, setting up a small temporary base. Entry is the only moon of a planet that appears to be easily habitable, with the base intended as research post for any unknown materials or elements discovered in the Galaxy.

  • 3rd Day of Colonisation
    Colonisation of Horizon

    A large portion of the Astraestoian colonists descend onto the only habitable planet in the immediate area, named Horizon. The planet proved to be even more habitable than first expected, with a variety of new florishing flora encoutered. Notably, the colonists encounter no large fauna on the planet, with only small bug and insect like creatures being found, with almost all the creatures linked directly to the flora - helping it to spread and flourish across the planet.

  • 20th Day of Colonisation
    Arrival of the Second Fleet
    Population Migration / Travel

    A second, much larger Human expedition arrives in Astraesto. These new colonists settle on Horizon, helping to grow the new settlement there. Many of the ships used to transport colonists are moored on Entry.

  • 21st Day of Colonisation
    First Death
    Life, Death

    The first death in the new colony - a 43 year old who fell while exploring a mountain pass, occurs on the 21st Day of Colonisation on Horizon.

  • 37th Day of Colonisation
    Arrival of the Third Fleet
    Population Migration / Travel

    The Third Human Fleet arrives in Astraesto. While smaller than the Second Fleet, it is larger than the First. It primarily holds bureaucratic and government officials.
      The Fleet is led by Captain Akshat Pavel and Maynard Thornton, aboard the flagship the TCS Omaha.

  • 40th Day of Colonisation
    Maynard Thornton Appointed Governor
    Political event

    The civilian leader of the Third Fleet, Maynard Thornton is appointed as the first Governor of Astraesto, taking over leadership of the entire expedition from Chief Explorer Thomas Weaving.

  • 67th Day of Colonisation
    Arrival of the Fourth Fleet
    Population Migration / Travel

    The Fourth Fleet arrives in Astraesto, it is the largest of the four fleets, and the first to contain a significant military force.

  • 137th Day After Colonisation
    First Birth
    Life, Birth

    The first Human to be born is a girl to parents in the Second Fleet on Horizon. She is often considered the first 'true' Astraestoian.

  • 142nd Day of Colonisation
    First Venture Outside Emergence
    Discovery, Exploration

    After exploring and surveying the length of the Emergence Star System - the system in which Humanity found itself in, the first vessels begin the journey to a nearby system, aptly named Newland.

  • 150th Day of Colonisation
    Discovery of Inception in Newland
    Discovery, Exploration

    Vessels exploring the Newland Star System come across a previously undetected exoplanet with the ability to sustain life. The explorers name the planet Inception, after the ship that first detected and surveyed the planet.

  • 168th Day of Colonisation
    Arrival of the Fifth Fleet
    Population Migration / Travel

    The Fifth, final, and largest of the Human fleets arrive to the Galaxy of Astraesto. The Fifth Fleet is larger than each of the previous fleets combined, and similarly to the Fourth Fleet also has a sizable military component.

  • 170th Day After Colonisation
    Establishment of New Lyanir
    Construction beginning/end

    The second major Human settlement on Horizon, New Lyanir, is settled - primarily consisting of colonists from the Fifth Fleet.

    New Lyanir
  • 171st Day After Colonisation
    Communication Breakdown
    Disaster / Destruction

    Just days following the arrival of the 5th Fleet, communications between the Human colonists in Astraesto and their Homeland mysteriously cease.

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  • 172nd Day After Colonisation
    Emergency Colonial Meeting
    Political event

    Following the loss of communications to the Homeland, an emergency meeting of the leaders of the Human colony is held. Over 120 senior officials were involved, from each of the five fleets, as they debated the future of humanity in Astraesto.

  • 242nd Day of Colonisation
    Colonisation of Inception
    Population Migration / Travel

    Three months following its discovery by Human explorers, the habitable exoplanet of Inception in the Newland Star System is colonised. The planet is discovered to be eerily similar to Horizon, which confuses and troubles many Human scientists.

  • 300th Day of Colonisation
    Abell Asher Appointed Governor of Inception
    Political event

    With the Inception colony begining to grow rapidly, Maynard Thornton - Governor of Astraesto, appoints Abell Asher of the Third Fleet as Governor of the colony.

Rebuilding Humanity

Early Decades

The first Human national body in Astraesto, one built on common decency, and scientific pursuit.

  • 1st of January 1 AC
    Creation of the New Terran Republic

    Cutoff from the Homeland, the Human colonists in the Galaxy of Astraesto elect to form a new democractic government, the New Terran Republic.

  • 11th of Feburary 38 AC - 20th of June 38 AC
    Building of Section 1
    Construction beginning/end

    The first of XBHF01's 14 holding sections, Section 1 is built concurrently with Section 2, during the earliest stage of the facility. It is principally designed for small insect-like creatures, including the Qua, and Vevu Flys.

  • 27th of December 47 AC
    The Scan Break
    Disaster / Destruction

    In what has become one of the most confusing and unexplained events in Galactic History, the Scan Break causes all scanning technology to cease functioning.
      As a result, the New Terran Republic is forced to rethink galactic exploration efforts, and would lead to an era of human achievement, often attained through pure luck.

The Golden Age

Discovery & Sucess

An era of peace and prosperity, that saw unprecedented discoveries and scientific advancements

  • 1st of January 48 AC
    Beginning of the Golden Age of Exploration
    Era beginning/end

    A 2000 year long age of prosperity for Humanity, that saw the species stretch across large swaths of Astraesto, and discover systems, planets, and wonder unimaginable.

  • 7th of December 52 AC
    "The Fall of Man" Speach
    Life, Publicity

    Orated by the influential Jesse Scully, a member of the Terran Parliament, and the Unitary People's Party - the nation's ruling party, the "Fall of Man" was a widely decried and controversial speech, in which Scully declared an end to Humanity and the hegemony of alien life. The problematic speech led to Scully's dismissal by Chancellor Joel Feron.

  • 58 AC

    17 March
    58 AC

    28 July

    Weaving's Grand Conference
    Gathering / Conference

    Named after its chief proponent, Thomas Weaving, Weaver's Grand Conferance was a mammoth event held over four months, that legislated and formulated the galactic colonisation effort after the disaster of the Scan Break.

  • 58 AC

    10 August

    Formation of the Terran Exploratory Fleet

    Following the conclusion of Weaving's Grand Conference, the New Terran Republic Government forms the Terran Exploratory Fleet. While a division of the New Republic Navy, the organisation contains a large civilian component, allowing private citizens to organise their own private exploration efforts.

  • 58 AC

    12 September

    Notable Death: Thomas Weaving
    Life, Death

    Thomas Weaving, the Chief Explorer to the Galaxy of Astraesto, and the man instrumental to the formation of the New Terran Republic and the Terran Exploratory Fleet, dies due to complications relating to old age, at 100 years old.

  • 27th of March 62 AC - 8th of August 69 AC
    The Captain's Treason
    Criminal Activity

    Several Terran Naval Captains, beginning with Meenan Jackson, declare their intention to abandon the Terran Exploratory Fleet and the Republic at large, choosing to discover and settle planets without governmental oversight and control.

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    The Captain's Treason
  • 74 AC

    20 January

    Notable System Discovery: Aladran
    Discovery, Exploration

    The system of Aladran is entered by Matthew Kingley, an explorer of the New Terran Republic.
      Notable planets: Anfieden, Adiri

  • 84 AC

    18 June

    System Discovery: Jelran
    Discovery, Exploration

    Under the command of Captain Shiva Jafari, the Terran Exploratory Ship Determination enters the Jelran System, discovering the exoplanet of Envis.

  • 86 AC

    29 June

    Planet Colonisation: Anfieden

    The planet Anfieden, the future capital of the Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets is founded. It serves as an important staging area for the New Terran Republic's colonisation of the Galaxy.

  • 87 AC

    11 July

    System Discovery: Serdica
    Discovery, Exploration

    Under the command of Captain Shiva Jafari, the Terran Exploratory Ship Determination enters the Serdica System.   Notable Planets: Serdica, Etania

  • 236 AC

    13 August
    243 AC

    31 October

    First Moneyyen Expedition

    Funded by the Moneyyen Family - a wealthy group in the New Terran Republic, the 1st Moneyyen Expedition ventures far beyond known Galactic Space. It is led by Erika Ardo, and lasts over seven years, marking the longest single expedition by Humanity in the Galaxy of Astraesto up to this point.

  • 246 AC

    27 November
    250 AC

    17 February

    Second Moneyyen Expedition

    Shortly following the success of the First Moneyyen Expedition, the Moneyyen family again fund a team led by Erika Ardo. This expedition however, runs into several issues, greatly reducing the scope of what was originally intended to be a decade long expedition.

  • 280 AC

    18 January
    297 AC

    Colonisation of Envis
    Population Migration / Travel

    The planet of Envis is colonised.

  • 285 AC

    27 April

    Moon Colonisation: Vortania

    A moon of Envis, Vortania, is formally colonised by the New Terran Republic.

  • 743 AC

    22 March

    The Oshenian Split
    Political event

    The system of Osheni, colonised by the ___ Exiles, formally founds the Republic of Osheni. Splitting from the tentative control of the New Terran Republic. The Republic of Osheni becomes only the second nation formed in the Galaxy of Astraesto.

  • 2282 AC

    28 January

    The First League
    Diplomatic action

    The 1st Imperial Republic of Jerace and the Republic of Osheni ally with one another, forming the First League, in an attempt to stifle the power of the New Terran Republic.

  • 2295 AC

    27 March

    Founding of Envis Shipyards
    Financial Event

    The Envis Galactic Shipyards and Manufacturing corporation in established of Envis, purely focused on producing commercial spacecraft.

1st Galactical War

2296 AC to 2306 AC

A war that would determine the fate of the Galaxy's first nation

  • 3rd of January 2296 AC
    The 1st Galactical War
    Military: War

    Fought between the First League - consisting of the 1st Imperial Republic of Jerace and the Republic of Osheni, and the New Terran Republic, the 1st Galactical War was a challenge to the Galactic Hegemony of the New Terran Republic. While not the first conflict in the Galaxy of Astraesto, it was by far its most deadly and devastating, only ever being eclipsed by its successor the 2nd Galactical War, over a millennia and a half later.

  • 2301 AC

    5 July

    First Construction of Military Spacecraft by Envis Shipyards
    Construction beginning/end

    Seeking to save Envis Shipyards from total bancruptcy, CEO Levi Teller obtains a contract from the New Terran Republic to construct a new line of crusier for the Terran Navy.

  • 2306 AC

    28 July

    Assassination of Chancellor Reed
    Political event

    Chancellor of the New Terran Republic, Jacob Reed is assassinated by Imperial Jerace backed terrorists.

  • 2316 AC

    11 August

    Collapse of the New Terran Republic

    Following the conclusion of the 1st Galactical War, the New Terran Republic, fractured and weakened from the conflict, completely collapses into numerous system and planetary republics.

Jeraci Hegemony

2307 AC to 2913 AC

A Fractured Galaxy

2914 AC to 3205 AC

The fall of the 1st Imperial Republic of Jerace sees the Galaxy fracture into numerous weak and small nations

  • 3101 AC

    2 December

    Formation of the Grand Highways Initiative
    Political event

    Seeking to organise a new, revolutionary form of travel, the Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets organises the Grand Highways Initiative, to build five transgalactic highways. Numerous other nations soon pledge their suppport to the initiative.

  • 3192 AC

    23 June
    3194 AC

    19 December

    1st Federation Republican War
    Military: War

    The 1st Republican War, called the 1st Federation Republican War to differentiate it from other conflicts, was a short war between the Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets and the Kingdom of Edios and Atonova. Combat is mostly limited to naval engagments between the Atonovan National Navy, and the Federation Interstellar Navy.

  • 3194 AC

    31 December

    Federation Conquest: Ameritan
    Military action

    The Kingdom of Edios and Atonova cedes its Ameritan territory to the Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets following the conclusion of the 1st Republican War. The planet Golova is chosen as the Sector's capital.

  • 3205 AC

    31 December

    The Apalaryan Union
    Diplomatic action

    Following a century of near constant warfare and political intrigue, the Kingdom of Apalachi, and the Kingdom of Apreas are successfully in unifying the numerous Falchan Kingdoms. During a massive festival on Beddlen, the Kingdoms respective monarchs declare the formation of the Empire of Apalareas, to be led equally by Emperor ___ of Apalachi, and Empress ___ of Apreas.

Apalaryan Hegemony

3206 AC 3409 AC

The Empire of Apalareas becomes the Galactic Hegemon

  • 3206 AC - 3409 AC
    The Hegemony of Apalareas
    Era beginning/end

    The union of the Falchan Kingdoms sees the Empire of Apalareas dominate the Galaxy of Astraesto. The Empire remains relatively isolationist, allowing most Galactic nations to continue their affairs unbothered.

A Galaxy Unclaimed

3410 AC 3963 AC

The great powers of the Galaxy have been split and fractured, leaving no better time for the smaller nations to carve out a new future

2nd Galactical War

3998 AC 4039 AC

The deadliest war every fought in the history of the Galaxy of Astraesto

Federation Hegemony

4040 AC - Present

Following the 2nd Galactical War, the Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets becomes the dominant power in the Galaxy

  • 4116 AC

    27 September
    4164 AC

    28 March

    The Encasing of Envis
    Construction beginning/end

    The planet of Envis is built into an ecumenopolis, with a huge urban and industrial sprawl constructed across the planet. The cities of Tradara-Read, Meakar, Alenris, Postela, and Glaskar - the five major cities on the planet, are constructed into planetary districts. The new city is named the Planetary City of Envis, although soon garners the nickname Envien.

  • 4656 AC

    6 June

    Formation of the 4th Imperial Republic of Jerace
  • 4722 AC

    Notable Birth: Paul Buchlen
    Life, Birth
  • 4757 AC

    6 May
    4759 AC

    12 September

    Ship Construction: FNV Iomhare
    Construction beginning/end

    The first in a new type of naval warship, the Battleship Carrier, is built in a coalition effort between Envis Shipyards, Jaydei Aerospace Industries & Manufacturing, and Miroslav Industrial Shipyards. It is named the FNV Iomhare, after the Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets first and capital sector of Iomhare.

  • 4760 AC

    11 May
    4760 AC

    12 May

    Praebian Nuclear Crisis
    Military action

    The Republic of Praebia and the Union of Praebia fire a number of nuclear and Astrosten missiles at one another. While some impact upon the cities of Praebia, the majority are destroyed by the 15th System Fleet of the Federation Interstellar Navy.

  • 4761 AC

    19 August

    FNV Porter Hijacking & Attacks
    Disaster / Destruction

    A devestating terrorist attack against the heart of the Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets, on its de-facto capital of Envis. Approximently 1.7 million people are killed as result, with over 10 million recieving injuries.

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    FNV Porter Hijacking & Attacks
  • 4763 AC

    Current Day
    Era beginning/end

    What lies beyond?


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