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An Introduction to the Galaxy of Astraesto

Thousands and thousands of planets, hundreds of billions of souls living and surviving in a Galaxy that had laid dormant since the beginning of the Universe. Astraesto, the new home of humanity.

What is Astraesto?

  Astraesto is a fantasy with a mix of sci-fi universe, that is centred around the Galaxy of Astraesto. Humans are some of the only beings that make up this Galaxy, and they are certainly the most intelligent. In this Galaxy, Humanity has thrived. Nations that rule hundreds of worlds are commonplace, and billions live within them. But for all the constant innovation and a desire to better oneself, war remains constant, as it has for all of human history.  

The State of the Galaxy

"Mr President, Navy Chief of Staff John Rendon wanted me to inform you that we have word that the 3rd Armada has moved away from Lithe."   "Do we know where?"   "No sir, not yet, but we have men on the job, they will find that fleet."   "Good work, keep it up."
  In the current year (4763AC) the Galaxy is undergoing a tremendous period of change, as well as conflict. The Federation-Jenmoreneat War is currently being fought between the Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets and Greater Jenmoreneat, a former sector of the Federation. Meanwhile, the 4th Empire of Jerace continues to spread their influence throughout Seganior, their most recent conquest. Many look onto this situation and fear for what could very quickly become the 3rd Galactical War.   Both galactic superpowers continue to search for allies across the Galaxy. The old members of the Pact of Anfieden remain the Federation's largest and most staunch allies against Jerace, whereas the Kingdom of Apalachi continues it's long support of the various Jeraci Empires. However, new allies have also been found, with the Republics of ___ and ___ choosing to side with the Federation, whereas the ___ Empire supports Jerace. Greater Jenmoreneat has also repeatedly attempted to garner official support from the 4th Jeraci Empire, but has thus far proved unsuccessful, with the Empire not wishing for direct conflict with the Federation.   With the ascension of King Greshan III to the throne of the Kingdom of Apreas, monarchist sentiments in the nation have risen to new heights. To the north, the 4759 Apalachian Royal Family Assassination Attempts have left Apreas's long-time rival in flames, but it has also created an opportunity for both nations. With the deaths of her brothers, Elissa, Princess of Waverli stands to inherit the throne after her father. Should Greshan and Elissa, both as of yet unmarried and young, ever marry, then their son or daughter would very well be able to truly claim the title of Emperor of Apalareas, reforming the Empires of Jerace and creating a third great galactical power that could rival either the Federation or Jerace.   In the shadows, the intelligence agencies of all these nations conspire. Both Jeraci Central Intelligence and Federation Secret Intelligence have hundreds of assets and spies across the other's nation. Federation Federal Intelligence meanwhile, continues it's long search for many of these agents, with one of the most illusive being Livina Ruslanavo, who's true allegiance may not even lie with Jerace.

Heads of State & Government

State Head of State Head of Government Heir
Apalachi (AL) King Lucius IX King Lucius IX Elissa, Princess of Waverli
Apreas (AP) King Greshan III Prime Minister James Fergus Evelyn, Princess of Apreas
Araya (AR) King Greshan III Prime Minister Jacinda Kadir Evelyn, Princess of Apreas
Asray (AS) King Greshan III Prime Minister Annabeth George Evelyn, Princess of Apreas
Denisiu (DI) President Scott Winger President Scott Winger N/A
Echodia (EH) King Greshan III Prime Minister Troy Abed Evelyn, Princess of Apreas
Jerace (JR) Empress Freya Victer Empress Freya Victer Crown Prince Malaslak
Kandino (KD) President Nicholas Dune Prime Minister Laurence Spaenr N/A
Osheni (OH) President Emma Dienari President Emma Dienari N/A
The Federation (FD) President Liam Black President Liam Black N/A


  The original colonists from The Homeland brought with them 6 languages, Galactic English, Galactic Russian, Galactic German, Galactic Mandarin, Galactic Arabic, and Ancient Latin. Galactic English is the lingua franca.   Galactic English has become the primary language of Humanity, and is the official language of every nation in the Galaxy. Galactic Russian meanwhile, is mainly confined to the 4th Empire of Jerace, wherein it is a common second language, and is used in all levels of governance. Galactic German, Mandarin and Arabic, have all fallen out of use by national governments, however, significant populations of speakers still exist.    

Trans Galactical Highways

  During the beginning of the 4th Millennium scientists and engineers all around the Galaxy united towards a single cause. The creation of five of the largest structures ever built. The Trans Galactical Highways. These marvels of human creation were used to quickly and easily travel throughout the Galaxy and beyond. They would connect dozens of otherwise isolated planets, and you could even use them to get outside of Astraesto, to other Galaxies that lay dormant and undiscovered.     Anfieden Trans Galactic Highway:
"That thing is massive! How far does it go?"   "It runs all the way to Viperia, by then the speed that can be built up will send you across Galaxies. Of course, you can't get back, but you'll be in a new Galaxy"
    The only Galactical Highway still functional is the one out of Anfieden. It was the third constructed, but it easily superseded the pure speed of any of the 5 highways. As the name might suggest, this Highways begins at Anfieden, the Capital Planet of the Federation, it has also been called the Iomhare Trans Galactical Highway as it originates in the Iomhare System of Space. The official name is the Anfieden Trans Galactic Highway though.   It has only survived this long due to the presence of the Federation's Sector Fleets. These Fleets are the largest the Federation can muster and are near unparalleled in the Galaxy. Only the mighty Jeraci Armada can even match a full Sector Fleet in battle, and even then the outcome is uncertain. Without these mighty Fleets of war, the Anfieden Trans Galactic Highway would of fallen with all the rest, and the Galaxy would have suffered.   The Great Galactical Highway (Destroyed)   The Great Galactical Highway was the first constructed, and the most massive. It stretched from the westernmost border of the Republic of Osheni to the edges of Kentari Space.   It was largely destroyed during the largest and most brutal of rebellions in history. The Gondari Union, through which the Great Galactical Highway stretched was weak and falling apart. Many were already considering the Highway lost, and it was by far the most dangerous to travel on. When the Keption Confederacy rose up, the Highway was damaged beyond repair during what has become known as the Battle of the Highway. When a large bomb was detonated at the Osheni side of the highway, the entire thing splinted into a million pieces and was completely destroyed.   The Imperium (Destroyed)   ____ Trans Galactical Highway (Destroyed)   ____ Trans Galactical Highway (Scuttled)    

Cardinal Directions in Space

  For simplicities sake, Humanity in Astraesto has developed a 2 dimensional map of the Galaxy of Astraesto, this map has given risen to the use of the cardinal directions in space - even if they are technically non-existent. Militaries, Governments, and hundreds more organisations still use the cardinal directions to categorise the regions of the galaxy. With the Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets occupying the south to south-eastern regions of the Galaxy. The 4th Empire of Jerace, and the Kingdom of Apalachi controlling the north. The Kingdom of Apreas controls to the west of the Federation, with the Republic of Osheni controlling territory even further west.  

Alien Life


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    Significant and Important Events

    (For a (currently incomplete) timeline of events see: History of Astraesto)    

    The Exodus

      The Exodus refers to the beginning stages of colonisation of Astraesto, around a period of a hundred years, from the repairing of the UES Voyager in 71 AC, to the Chancellorship of Irving Matten on the 4th of May, 164 AC.   During the period known as the Exodus, over 23 solar systems were successfully colonised including the Hadyan, and the Laeria (now Iomhare) Regions. This time saw Humans spread far and wide, with some planets having only thousands between them, and the establishment of the New Terran Republic to organise said planets.  

    The Founding of the Federation

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    The 2nd Galactical War

      In the year 3998AC the largest war that would ever be fought in the history of mankind and the Galaxy began. The 2nd Galactical War (also more uncommonly called the 2nd Galactic War) encompassed every nation that existed in the Galaxy at that point, and as a direct result over ___ people lost their lives, many of them civilians. Much of the war was fought between the Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets and the 3rd Empire of Jerace. With some of the largest, deadliest and most important battles being fought at Spaldei (Siege of Spaldei) and Iomhare.   It ended after the Jeraci Assualt at Iomhare (Operation Final Frontier) ended in defeat for the Jeraci Navy and Army during a Federation last stand around their capital of Anfieden. Federation forces finally gained the upper hand in the war, near destroying the 3rd Jeraci Armada as well as damaging the 1st and 2nd Armadas. The forces of the Jeraci Empire were forced all the way back to Spaldei. The planet where the entire war began, and from their continued on until they were at the very steps of Moneyye. The Treaty of Spaldei: 4039 was signed and the war would finally come to an end, with a Federation victory. This war would lead to the end of the 3rd Jeraci Empire and would change the Galactic landscape for centuries to come.    

    The Andis Revolt

      The Andis Revolt was a significant rebellion against the Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets, on the capital planet of Anfieden. It was lead primarily by the Andis Family, for whom the revolt is named after. Its primary focus was on corruption in the government, and what many felt was becoming a tyrannical government.   The Federation violently responded to many of the protesters with violence, even the groups that were explicitly peaceful, leading to a national outcry and Galactic denouncement. The entirety of the working classes, the primary group of the rebellion, were expelled from the planet and sent elsewhere in the galaxy, where it was believed their ideas would disappear. Both the Kingdom of Apreas and the Republic of Osheni offered citizenship to the displaced populace, with The Parliamentarian Republic of Kandino retracting their own offer, after Federation pressure.   Despite this, the revolt is often regarded as a success, as it directly led to the presidency of Malcolm C. Tekker, known only for his aggressive stance against corruption, and his ruthless hunt against even his fellow friends who practiced it.
    Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

    Current Year

      4763 AC (Horizon Years after Colonization, typically written just 4763)   Galactic Standard Year = 365 Days, goes by the time it takes for the planet of Horizon to go around it's sun, Horizon was the first planet to be colonized, 4763 years ago.

    Author's Notes

      An archive of all Author's Notes can be found here.  
    Well it's been more than 7 months since the last Author's note, and a few substantial improvments have been made since the last update. The Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets has been significantly overhaulled, as the article had fallen behind many other articles, and was filled with outdated info and shoddy writing. The article is still being updated, with further updates relating to the Federation Federal Government, and other Federal Organisations, as well as the Federation's foreign policy, economy, and demographics.    I have also completed summercamp for the second year running, completing all the prompts for the diamond award.   
    -Sparky, 9/08/22

    Places to Start

      Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets   The Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets is one of the largest nations in Astraesto. It is one of the two superpowers in the Galaxy, along with the 4th Empire of Jerace. Thousands of planets fall under the Federation's control alone, and the Federation Navy is insanely powerful. Liam Black is the current President of the Federation. The nation is currently engaged in conflict with a rogue sector, Greater Jenmoreneat, in the Federation-Jenmoreneat War.   Agent Elizabeth Pearce   Elizabeth Pearce is an FFI Field Agent. She has many secrets though, the biggest of which would quickly lead to her death. Her past may come back to bite her, as she navigates the world of the Federation. Pearce is among the main characters that make up the Federation side of this galaxy, even if she herself, is a foreigner - though that remains a secret that only she knows.   Brian Layost   One of the main characters in this world is Lieutenant Admiral Brian Layost. He serves in the 3rd Sector Fleet: Vigilance, commanding the 2nd Subsector Fleet. Alongside Pearce, he makes up the Federation characters in Astraesto, and will be a significant figure in future conflicts.  

    The Origins of Humanity

    The origin of humanity is something of a mystery. There is a planet out there that was the birthplace for humanity as we know it, the Homeland as it is often referred to. A place which long ago sent out colony ships to this Galaxy. And from those ships burst civilization. But communication was lost with that place, and despite centuries and then millennia of exploration, it has never again been found. It has become a myth and legend, and many doubt it's very existence.    
    The Homeland
    Generic article | Aug 12, 2022

    The birthplace of Humanity, of Mankind, of Life. It is now long lost to the peoples of Astraesto, perhaps never to be found.

    Image by Comfreak from Pixabay


    4th Empire of Jerace
    Organization | Aug 17, 2022

    The 4th Empire of Jerace is the latest in a line of some of the most powerful nations the Galaxy of Astraesto has ever seen, and this one is no different from it's predecessors.

    The largest nation in Astraesto is the Empire of Jerace. The 4th Empire of Jerace to be specific. Jerace has all but ruled the galaxy for centuries, only ever being toppled by the Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets. Hundreds of planets fall under the power of the Jeraci Empire. Some years they are heavily oppressed and starving, other they live in prosperity  
    Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets
    Organization | Nov 10, 2022

    The Bastion of Democracy, the Federation is one of the many nations that make up the Galaxy of Astraesto, and the most powerful.

    Flag of the Federation by SparkyTheSec0nd
      The Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets is considered the galactic superpower of the modern era, alongside the 4th Empire of Jerace. The economic and military strength of the Federation is nevertheless unrivalled, and Federation power is felt across every step of the Galaxy. Thousands of planets raise the banner of the Federation, and many trillions live within Federation borders.   President Liam Black leads the Federation. The nation is currently embroiled in the Federation-Jenmoreneat War, against Greater Jenmoreneat - a former sector of the Federation.   
    Denisiu Collective
    Organization | May 8, 2022
    The Collective as they are referred to, are quite different from any other power and nation in the Universe. They are solely focused on one thing, and one thing only, profit in any way possible. Every bank is owned by them, no matter how hard one tries to make it their own, every coin eventually finds itself in a Denisuian lap. It it said that one cannot cheat the Collective, for they will follow ever debt unto eternity.  
    Republic of Osheni
    Organization | Aug 25, 2021
    Kingdom of Apreas
    Organization | Dec 2, 2022

    A powerful player on the Galactic Stage, the Kingdom of Apreas is often only rivalled by the Federation and Jerace

      Planets of the Galaxy  
    Planets and Sectors of Astraesto
    Generic article | Nov 29, 2022

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