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FNS Opportunity

A Successful Federation Battlecruiser, known for its service in the Oberynite Navy

Opportunity in indirect eye distance of Zelix, Command, 0.476 HSU away. No threats presented, rebel comms distant and non-issue, prepared to continue travel as planned, Opportunity standing ready in permanent battle stance as always, over.
- Opportunity guarding the Zelix, the personal ship of Michael Oberyn
The Federation Navy Ship Opportunity was a 14th Generation Avalon Class Battlecrusier of the Federation Interstellar Navy and later the Oberynite Federation Navy. The Opportunity is most well known for its contributions to the 1st Federation Civil War, where, under the command of Captain Eli Hunt, it served as an impactful strike ship, and as a guardian for Oberynite President Michael Oberyn. During the war, the Opportunity was involved in several major battles and campaigns, including the 1st Witisen Campaign, the Ameritan Advance, and finally the Liberation of Serdica, where it would be destroyed. Opportunity was the most decorated Oberynite naval ship during the war. It is among the only Oberynite ships whose accomplishments are still officially recognised by the modern Federation Navy, with the rest having their records stripped.
The FNS Opportunity was the 2nd ship of the 14th Generation of Avalon class Battlecruisers, and began construction in 3449, amid rising tensions with the 2nd Imperial Republic of Jerace, under orders from President of the Federation Lara Barerra, and then Minister of the Armed Forces Michael Oberyn. Despite heavy interest to build the ship coming from Envis Shipyards, it was ultimately Raybien Sector Shipyards who were granted the contract to build the Opportunity, alongside several other Avalon class ships.   Two years later, the Opportunity would be officially launched on Serdica, under the command of Captain Eko Vera. The ship was quickly assigned to the 4th National Fleet, where it began to patrol the upper Sectors of the Federation, notably including Ameritan. Operating out of Golova, the Opportunity saw limited combat, a single engagement with a pirate vessel its only hostile encounter. As political tensions began to fester inside the Federation Federal Government, the Opportunity and the 4th National Fleet was withdrawn from the upper Sectors, instead, being stationed on Anfieden, the Federation's capital world.
The 4th National Fleet was present for the Andis Revolt - a planetary rebellion against the new government of Michael Oberyn, though the fleet took no serious part in it. Following the revolt, the Fleet was again moved, and placed directly in the orbit of ___, the capital of the Karlien Sector, ostensibly under an anti-piracy directive, though in reality, to assure the planet's allegiance as internal tensions only rose further. The worst fears of many would become true in 3464AC, when the Golova Declaration was formally penned, signalling the start of the 1st Federation Civil War, and the split between Andisiens - the rebels, and the Oberynites - the loyalists.
Captain, we've lost all communication to Naval Command, Capital Base has also gone quiet. 4th National is in a holding pattern.   Understood, we've trained for this. Move to battle-ready stance, our duty is to defend Karlien in lieu of comms. Be ready for anything, but do not fire until I give the order.
- The early days of the 1st Federation Civil War, FNS Opportunity
Initially, the Opportunity and the rest of the 4th National Fleet were unaware of the Golova Declaration, and its immediate consequences. Across all the ships in the Fleet, FTL Communication devices were completely severed, secretly ordered by the Fleet's admiral, Salman Nasri, who was sympathetic to the Andisien cause and had received information about the Declaration before the rest of the Fleet. For the next two weeks, Nasri and a trusted group of Officers, worked to convert the rest of the Fleet, carefully avoiding known Oberynite supporters, and gaining support among both the Marine and Security Corps.   Nasri's efforts to convert the fleet would ultimately prove only partially successful. Eventually, a confidant flipped, spilling all of Nasri's secrets to an Oberynite loyalist, who soon told several captains and senior officers, many of whom had been unaware of what had been going on inside the fleet. Led by Captain Alexio Nunnez of the Opportunity, the Oberynite-aligned captains ordered their vessels to fire on ships controlled by Andisien captains, including that of Nasri. The resulting battle was a confusing mess, further complicated by combat within the vessels themselves, as crew members, marines, and security all battled one another. In the end, the two sides would withdraw, leaving the result inconclusive, though with numerous dead and several destroyed ships.   The Opportunity would lead the Oberynite ships to Iomhare, where they met with the Oberynite Federation Navy, and subsequently joined it. The Opportunity would join the 3rd National Fleet.   Despite originally holding loyalty to the Oberynites, Captain Nunnez soon began to speak his doubt about the cause, especially after witnessing significant civilian deaths during the Battle of Sela. Attempting to atone for his actions, he attempted to mutiny, alongside his Marine Commander. The Security Corp would rapidly put the mutiny down, using many of the skills learned in the initial weeks of the war to do so. In the fighting, Nunnez would be killed, leaving the ship vacant of a captain.   The up-and-coming officer Eli Hunt would be granted the captaincy of the vessel, and quickly turned it into one of the most notable ships of the 1st Federation Civil War. Operating primarily as a rapid strike vessel, the Opportunity fully lived up to its name, taking any chance it could to attack Andisien ships and break their supply lines. Eventually, the ship would come to guard Michael Oberyn, after Hunt was appointed a commander of the Presidential Security Organisation. During this role, the ship would be destroyed above the Oberynite capital Serdica, during the Liberation of Serdica, the final battle of the war.

Naval History

Federation Interstellar Navy
Raybien Sector Shipyards
Laid Down
30 July, 3449
27 February, 3451
Oberynite Federation Navy
9 February, 3464
2 August, 3469

Ship Characteristics

14G Avalon Class
Variant A
Power Generation
2 x A4F Dauntless Generators
Sublight Speed
FTL Speed
Maximum Crew
Armor & Shielding
Zeclite Steel Plate
  Akrian Shielding
Bow Gunnery
  • 26 x FNKLB
  • 7 x FNLDW
Central Gunnery
  • 35 x FNMDS
  • 8 x FNKLB
  • 2 x FNLDW
Stern Gunnery
  • 4 x FNMDS
  • 16 x FNKLB
  • 6 x FNLDW
Additional Craft
~30 Transports


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