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A once influential planet, long since abandoned by National Politicking

To think, this one planet once challenged the nation and won. Yet if you travelled across it today you would be lucky to see a soul. There was a time when we believed this planet would come to rival Anfieden, little did we know that neither planet would last the millennium.
- Ashley Harris
Golova is a Federation aligned small terrestrial planet, that is most notable for its role in the 1st Federation Civil War, where it served as the Andisien capital until the Battle and subsequent Devestation of the planet in 3466AC. The planet is located within the Federation Sector of Ameritan, where it has served as the Sector Capital. Though once one of the most populous planets in the Federation, mass migration, especially during the 2nd Galactical War, has crippled the planet, with the once bustling planet reduced to a population of barely over a billion. With a highly centralized population, on the three key cities of Onall, Picket City, and Andisia, much of the planet has been abandoned to the local fauna and flora, with only token forces - often Military, patrolling these areas.

The History of Golova

Golova and with it the rest of modern Ameritan were first discovered in 712AC, during the Golden Age of Discovery - an era of unprecedented discovery, by explorers of the New Terran Republic. Despite its natural habitability for Human life, the planet was deemed unsuitable for colonisation, due to the presence of many hostile indigenous species, and an enormous jungle that covered much of the surface. It wouldn't be until 3002AC, long after the collapse of the New Terran Republic, and the rise and fall of the 1st Imperial Republic of Jerace, during a time of Galactic instability, that the planet would first see human colonisation.
For the first few decades of its settlement, Golova grew relatively slowly, with the planet being seen as a backwater by much of the Galaxy. The planet was so unimportant, that the few cities on the planet were able to unite to form the Golovan Planetary Republic, laying claim to the entire planet, and withdrawing any allegiance to any Galactic nation. Under the control of the Republic, swaths of the large jungle that enveloped the planet began to be removed, creating vast plains where human cities could be built. Such actions prompted environmental concerns, especially from the wider Galaxy, though no action was ever taken against Golova.   In 3073AC, the nearby Kingdom of Edios and Atonova took a great interest in the planet. Golova was seen by the Kingdom as a potential trade world, as it was situated on a key point of a new proposed trade route between the Kingdom, and several neighbouring Galactic nations, including the Kingdom of Echodia, and the Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets. With no ability to wage a successful military defence of the planet, the Golovan Planetary Republic opted to surrender to the Kingdom, placing the planet's future in another nation's hands.
For the next century, under the new rule of the Kingdom of Edios and Atonova, Golova became one of the most prominent trade hubs in the entire Galaxy. Vast cities began to form across the surface, aided by artificial atmospheric improvements. Golova became the pride of the Kingdom, with near-endless resources being poured into the planet. The planet was even considered a perfect new capital for the Kingdom, although such a move was ultimately foiled by the 1st Republican War fought against the Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets.
Golova was relatively untouched by the fighting during the 1st Republic War, though was immensely affected by its conclusion. The planet was conceded to the Federation, in lieu of any government changes - the original war goal for the Federation. The planet was instantly moved into the new Ameritan Sector, alongside several other systems and planets taken during the war. Under Federation rule, the planet continued its focus on trade, attracting peoples from across the Federation to visit, and some to even settle down.   In a later period of significant political turmoil in the Federation, the 35th century, Golova would play a central role. On February 9th, 3464AC, the declaration of Golova was penned and thereafter signed by thousands of Federation political figures, each aligning themselves to the Andisien cause. Declaring an end to Michael Oberyn's reign as President of the Federation, the declaration is widely regarded as the starting point for the 1st Federation Civil War.   For the early years of the war, Golova served as the de-facto capital for the Andisien Rebellion, though it came under heavy attacks by the Oberynite Federation Navy on many occasions. It was only through the defensive actions of the Andisien Federation Navy that the planet was able to remain in Andisien hands as long as it did. Nevertheless, in 3466AC, the Oberynites assembled a significant enough force to break through the defence blockade of the Andisiens, and became the Devastation of Golova. Much of the planet was ruined in the aftermath, and Golova rapidly fell under the military control of the Oberynites, with fighting continuing on the planet for the remainder of the war. The planet was eventually reclaimed by the Andisiens after the war, with most Oberynite forces surrendering without a fight, although the planet was ruined by conflict.   Across the next millennia, the once mighty Golova would begin to shrink in power. The Battle for Golova during the 2nd Galactical War only furthered Golova's decline. Eventually, the planet was all but abandoned by numerous trade organisations, and billions of its once-citizens, leaving much of the planet in ruins, and left to be reclaimed by the wilds. The planet today holds only a billion people, a far cry from the tens of billions during the 4th millennium, and is eclipsed in almost every way by the current capital of Ameritan, Loria.

Planetary Overview

A bustling metropolis once, though no longer, most of it is now reclaimed by the vast jungle, or long demolished. A planet of plains, jungle and steel, and the jungle is winning.
When describing the planet of Golova, it is nearly impossible to ignore the enormous Golovan Jungle that covers nearly all of the planet's singular supercontinent, Gavanoza. Gavanoza also has nearly no mountains or hilly areas, with the entire planet relatively flat. The Golovan Ocean does surround the continent. Despite deforestation efforts dating back centuries and millennia, the jungle continues to dominate the planet. Many known and unknown creatures dwell within it, many hostile to Human life. Such creatures are routinely hunted down, though many of them have become incredibly aware of human efforts, and can stealthily avoid even the best of the human hunters.   It is in the small pockets on the planet where long stretching plains exist, that the vast majority of human settlements are, or rather were found. The plains were rather limited in wildlife and flora, especially compared to the jungle, and proved an ample place for humanity to live in. However, as many settlements have since been abandoned by mankind, with only three major cities remaining occupied, the vast majority of these areas have begun to be overrun by plant life.
The cities of Onall, Picket City, and Andisia, all named for notable people during the 1st Federation Civil War, are the only remaining human settlements on Golova. The three cities are in fairly close proximity to one-another, and they work together to prevent the spread of the jungle into a designated safe zone. They are each also responsible for forming expedition teams to what has been deemed 'Old Golova', meaning the many ruins that dot the planet's surface. These teams - most made up of Military personnel, ensure that the abandoned parts of the planet remain somewhat safe to inhabit, and also assist in holding back the spread of the Golovan Jungle.


    Astrographical Information
  • Garoza Principal
  • Galazan
  • N/A
Physical Information
Diameter 8,714 kilometres
Atmosphere Type A+3
Primary Climate Tropical
Primary Terrain Plains / Jungle
Continents 1 (Supercontinental)
Societal Information
Native Species  
  • Numerous Native Species
Non-Native Species
  • Human
  • Numerous Domesticated & Tamed Species
Official Language
  • Golova Planetary Government
  • Garoza Sector Government
  • Federation Federal Government
  • 1.3 Billion
  • Golovan
Major Cities  
  • Onall
  • Picket City
  • Andisia
Planetary Laws and Legality
Planetary Citizenship
  • Jus Soli
  • 24 Months Minimum
Federation Immigration
  • Open Borders
Galactic Immigration
  • Limited Restrictions
Age of Work
  • 17.5
Age of Drinking
  • 25
Age to Drive 
  • 17.5
Age to Drive 
  • 25
Location under


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