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1st Imperial Republic of Jerace

A powerful force in early Astraesto, and the first in a line of many nations

(Rewrite Required)   The Empire of Jerace, known today as the 1st Empire of Jerace, was a significantly powerful nation in the Galaxy of Astraesto during the 3rd millennium. During its peak, the 1st Empire of Jerace was in control of the largest portion of the Galaxy, and commanded unrivalled militaristic and economic power. The Empire was ruled by the Emperor of Jerace, a hereditary position held exclusively by the Monyeafa Dynasty. During the entirety of the Empire of Jerace's existence, the planet of Daliae served as the capital, with the Imperial Court and Government both being held on planet.   When The Homeland ceased contact to the new Human colony in Astraesto, The New Terran Republic was created to organise any future or current colonisation efforts. This new government would facilitate huge expeditions and colonisations efforts of the Galaxy. Several of the planets colonised - among which would include Daliae, Barilir, Eneoriana, Jaswig and Metrolaen, eventually unified in opposition to the New Terran Republic. Proclaiming the Jeracia Republic in 2270, and their independence from the Terran Republic. In response, the New Terran Republic simply let the new Republic be, requesting only that Metrolaen would act as a penal colony, similarly governed to the Republic of Osheni. Yashin Victorvich, who had thus far led the planets in their independence, had intended for a war to cement his authority over the new government, and was intent on rejecting the Terran Republic's offer. This action would lead to his quick replacement, with Lovansky Monyeafavich taking over the position.   Monyeafavich would eventually gain immense political power in the Republic, first becoming President, and soon after - with the support of over 2/3 of the Jeracia Government, declaring the Jerace Imperium, or the Empire of Jerace. Lovansky would become the first Emperor of Jerace, with his dynasty ruling the Empire for the next 7 centuries. During his reign, Jerace would cement its place in the galaxy after defeating the New Terran Republic in the Great Jeraci-Terran War, known today as the 1st Galactical War. The Empire would collapse after a devastating civil war, which led to the death of the entire imperial line, as well as the enslavement or killing of many of their followers.    The 1st Empire of Jerace nevertheless remains an important influence on many parts of the modern galaxy. With the 4th Empire of Jerace continuing to use the governmental institutions and laws first created during the 1st Empire of Jerace.

25th April, 2274 - 17th September, 2913

Geopolitical, Empire
Alternative Names
Jerace Imperium
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Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
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The 1st Empire of Jerace would split off from the New Terran Republic, eventually leading to it's destruction.

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