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4th Imperial Republic of Jerace

A paradoxical republic and empire, that holds vast power in the Galaxy

Jerace, called an Imperial Republic but perhaps more aptly named an Imperial Diararchy, is a nation built upon loyalty - to the state certainly, but perhaps more so, to one another. To break that loyalty is to betray everything, to the country, to family, to yourself. A provider of stability and security yes, and yet it allows totalitarianism to reign surpreme.
Elijah Gorley
The 4th Imperial Republic of Jerace, often nicknamed the 4th Empire of Jerace - usually in a deprecatory and derogatory way, is one of several major Human nations within the Galaxy of Astraesto. It is near universally regarded as second in power only to the Galactic Hegemon, the Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets, a nation with which Imperial Jerace has had a long and bloody rivalry with. The Imperial Republic of Jerace is ruled by a Diarchy, with the Emperor or Empress of Jerace and the Imperial President of Jerace holding equal power over the nation. The two positions are known as the Imperial Diarchs, and while they have significant control over the nation, they are kept in check by an elected governmental body. Empress Freya Victer and President Sergei Goroza are the present Imperial Diarachs.   A unitary state controlled by a Federal Government, the terrestrial urban metropolis of Moneyye serves as the capital of the Imperial Republic, as the home of the Imperial Diarchy and the Imperial Palace. 412 star systems claim allegience to the Imperial Diarachy, containing hundreds of populated planets, as well as numerous scientific and mining outposts. Bordering the major powers of only the Kingdom of Apalachi and the Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets, Jerace is often considered to be a fairly isolated state within the Galaxy of Astraesto.
The fourth in a line of Imperial Republics all claiming dominion over an area of the Galaxy of Astraesto known as the Jeraci Expanse, the creation of the 4th Imperial Republic of Jerace was always an inevitability. 723 years following the destruction of the 3rd Imperial Republic of Jerace in the 2nd Galactical War, the balance of power in the Jeraci expanse constantly shifted.
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"And so a new era for Jerace may begin, so long as we draw breath, and fight together as one, together, not alone..."
-Emperor Kalagin Dammir
The 4th Imperial Republic of Jerace, more commonly known as the 4th Empire of Jerace or the 4th Jeraci Empire, is the largest nation in the Galaxy of Astraesto. It is well known for its rivalry with another great power, the Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets. Along with said power, it is often considered one of the two superpowers of the Galaxy.   The capital of the empire is the massive planet of Moneyye, which boats the 2nd largest population of any planet in not just Jerace, but the entire Galaxy of Astraesto. The Jeraci Empire controls 7 of the top 10 largest planets, although the Federation's planets are much higher on the rankings, holding the number 1 spot, as well as the 3rd and 5th placings.   Unlike many other nations in the Galaxy, the 4th Empire of Jerace is an Absolute Monarchy - though elected, with the Emperor of Jerace holding supreme power within the nation. Empress Freya Victer is the current ruler of the Empire.


Emperor:   The Emperor of Jerace is the most powerful position in the Jeraci government, and perhaps the most powerful single person in the Galaxy. They hold supreme power within all matters of the Empire, from governing to the military. The Emperorship is an elected position, voted on by most senior members of the Jeraci Government - including Lord Governors, Senators, and Ministers.


The History of Jerace can largely be split into the reigns of dozens of noble houses.


The Jeraci Empire is the largest power in the world currently. Hundreds of planets fall under their control, most of which have populations of millions, and some billions. The Empire of Jerace itself is located in the northern portion of the Galaxy, in direct opposition to the south, which is mostly controlled by the Federation.    The Empire tends to separate their planets in a similar way to the Federation, using sectors to distinguish zones of controls for governors and Federal governmental agencies. The sectors governor is the most powerful person in each of these sectors, and by extension, they are some of the most powerful people in all of the Empire, second only to the emperor himself.

Foreign Relations

Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets:   The main opponent to Jeraci expansion is the Federation, (officially the Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets). The Federation has always been regarded as a constant threat by the Jeraci governmental system, ever since its founding in the 3rd millennium. Many large scale (and some small scale) wars have been fought between the two powers. The most deadly being the 1st Galactical War, a war which directly led to the downfall of the 3rd Jeraci Empire.
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4th Jeraci Empire, 4th Empire of Jerace
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Monarchy, Constitutional
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Unitary state
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Uneasy Peace

The Empires of Jerace have often been the rival of the Federation, and while the Federation may be the strongest nation in the Galaxy, the 4th Empire of Jerace continues its attempts to thwart Federation power in Astraesto and beyond.

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