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Galactic Hegemony

A state of total Galactic control

It is a strange part of life, that we have come to almost expect as citizens of this Galaxy. Every few hundred years, a new nation arises to take upon the mantle of Galactic Hegemon for themselves. They eventual fall, always have, yet during the centuries they rule, Astraesto changes. For the better? Maybe, but just as often for the worst.
— Unknown
The term Galactic Hegemony usually refers to any nation in the Galaxy of Astraesto having more power than all the other nations in the Galaxy combined. On occasion, the term is also used to describe a superpower with a dominating, though unfalliable, control of galactic affairs. The power of a Galactic Hegemon is usually in the form of military strength, though may also be economic or political strength. The most powerful Galactic Hegemonies may be militarily, economically, and politically powerful. Galactic Hegemonies have no set criteria, and several nations in the Galaxy have been declared Galactic Hegemonies, despite not fitting the definition perfectly.    Currently the Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets is considered a Galactic Hegemony, with the Federation Armed Forces being considered exceptionally powerful, especially the Federation Navy. It is also an economic powerhouse, and holds considerable political sway over the majority of the galaxy's nations. Famously, the 3rd Empire of Jerace was believed to hold the Galactic Hegemony of the Galaxy prior to the 2nd Galactical War, however, following a 4 decade long war, the Federation would defeat the Empire.
Galactic Hegemons
New Terran Republic
1st Imperial Republic of Jerace
Empire of Apalareas
3rd Imperial Republic of Jerace
Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets

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