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Empire of Apalareas

A once unassaliable Empire, that held political dominion over the entire Galaxy for centuries

We seek peace, peace through unity. The Falachian Kingdoms are unified this day into one. One people, one nation, unified in shared prosperity for the next millennia. A truly beautiful thing.
— Emperor Ellis, The Apalaryan Union
The Empire of Apalareas or the Apalaryan Union of Apreas, Apalachi, and Grand Falchia was a sovereign nation within the Galaxy of Astraesto. A Monarchic Unitary State, the Empire was ruled by the Apalaryan Emperor or Empress. It encompassed numerous Galactic Nations, including the Kingdom of Apreas, and the Kingdom of Apalachi, as well as numerous other Falchan Kingdoms. For the two centuries in which the Empire existed, it was widely regarded as the Galactic Hegemon. However, a wide range of internal issues made it unable to fully exert its influence.
The earliest concepts of a unified Apalareas began during the late years of the Hegemony of the 1st Imperial Republic of Jerace during the 3rd millennium. A vast group of colonised, through relatively unpopulated planets were placed under the authority of the Imperial Governor, Juliano Falcho. A controversial figure, called a despot, and yet loved by vast swaths of the population, Falcho would ultimately take control of his region when the Imperial Republic collapsed. His reign would be short, however, and his territory, known as the Falchan Kingdom, would also collapse after Falcho was assassinated.
Two Kingdoms that would rise out of the ruble of the Falchan Kingdom were the Kingdom of Apalachi, and Kingdom of Apreas. They were indisputably the most powerful of the Kingdoms, with a large territory and population, with strong militaries. Though initially strong rivals to one another, the two Kingdoms would eventually form a powerful alliance in 3103AC, thanks in part to shared cooperation through the Grand Highways Initiative, organised by the Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets, and to the close friendship of King Erric II and King Calith. Through this alliance, the two nations began a systematic military campaign against the other Falchan Kingdoms, a war that would last just over a century.   The two Kings would both be killed during a festival, nearing the end of the Falchan Campaign. An event that would ultimately lead to the Apalaryan Union, as their children, the now King Ellis of Apalachi, and Queen Cecillia of Apreas, were unified in marriage. The successful conclusion of the Falchan Campaign would see an enormous celebration on the planet Beddlen, which straddled the border between Apreas and Apalachi. It was on Beddlen that the two monarchs, in tandem with their respective governments, declared the formation of the Empire of Apalareas, ruling over all of the Falchan Kingdoms. It was decided that the monarchs were to rule jointly in a diarchy, with their firstborn child to rule after they had both vacated the throne.



Early History


Imperial Dysfunction


Fall of the Empire

Withered, dying, half-dead already. An empire on the decline, an apparently common occurance. I wonder only, how long the pupputmaster of the imperial line can hold such a corpse together. Jerace managed a century longer than they should have, perhaps too, can Apalareas.
— Unknown

Government & Organisation



Temporary, probably

3205AC - 3409AC

Geopolitical, Empire
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Monarchy, Constitutional
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Unitary state
Economic System
Post-scarcity economy
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