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Knight Commander of the Guard

First Bodyguard to Emperors and Kings

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      Knight Commander of the Guard is a title given to the best Guard of King Greshan III of the Kingdom of Apreas. It is considered one of the most honourable posts obtainable, and one of the hardest to receive. The current Knight Commander of the Guard is Cayden Connell, who has held the post for 16 years since receiving it under King Kahlar V  Often only given to the most respectful, talented and loyal of the Knights Guard, the Knight Commander is responsible for the overall defence of the King of Apreas, and any and all of his immediate family members. The Knight Commander can often be seen personally guarding the King, standing on his right side at all times.   During ceremonies, the Knight Commander and his men will often don the traditional garb of a knight, complete with swords, shields and spears, however for obvious reasons, during their guarding of the King, they are outfitted in simple suits, and armed usually with pistols.   The title was used by the Kingdom of Apalachi, under the Strona Houses, but was eventually replaced with the ascension of the Starkes. The reasons for this replacement stem from the Apreasean use of the title, and a wish to not seem overall similar to their sworn rival.


The King of Apreas is given full authority to appoint, revoke or change his Knight Commander at any time. Usually however, it is only after the death or resigning of a previous Knight Commander, that a new one will be appointed. The King chooses from any of his Knights Guard, often referring to the judgement of other officials for his final choice. There is no special ceremony for the appointment itself, the Commander is simply given a new set of clothes, and expected to command the Knights Guard from that day forth.
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