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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2021

Somewhere in your setting, describe
a title which cannot be bought, only earned.
A total of 404 entries

Archon of The Elemental Court

Headmaster of Rinus Academy, Alnea

Prompt 30: The Knight of the Spirits

Iron Champion | ᛏᚫᚲ'ᛞᚨᛨᚨᚲ | Tâk'Darrak

The Royal Birush Dhahabi

Full Cavalier of the Order of St. George

Sell-Swords of the Sanctuary

Head of the Fpridabmelin Snilodawa

Damned Master of the Arena

Champion of the Titans Playground

Officer of the Fragile Sigil

Fleeters - Prompt #30 a rank that must be earned

The Great Mage of the Circle, the White Mage

Dragon: The Generals of the Eripitoni- By Roza Diamanti

Representative to the Assembly of Eurani

Erzmagier/in der weißen Akademie von Thalmar

Primary Speaker of the General Assembly

Houder van de Sleutel van Gzdan