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Täysi Nolla

"You don't just join the Täysi Nolla, kid, and ain't no one should want to either. Just look in their eyes, if ye can stand it. They each seen horrors that I dont even want to think about, and I was at Millitch Hill when the Shadow of Summer came." - Jasper Cameron, Leader of the Bronze Ravens


Occasionally, in carrying out their duties, the Täysi Nolla come across survivors. They have 2 ways of referring to these people. They are either Lost or Scarred.   The Scarred are those that are functional, able to move on with their lives following the tragedy that has befallen. To them, the Täysi Nolla will provide what aid they can, helping to re-build homes and occasionally sticking around long enough to build up stores for winter or the dry season.   The Lost are always taken under the wing of the Täysi Nolla that found them. While some may see it as a form of shock, these are people who have had part of their mind and/or soul torn away by what they have witnessed. The Täysi Nolla see it as their duty to help these people recover, spending months or years protecting and training them. Almost all of the Lost go on to become Täysi Nolla upon recovery. It is said that the last step in their training is going to Cysgodol or one of the Lower Planes to recover what was taken from them.


Täysi Nolla are often seen as outcasts, wandering the world in search of "perversions of the natural order" as they see them. The most common is undead, although they have also been known to hunt demons, devils, and lesser eldritch horrors. Some have been known to settle down in areas of wild magic that raise or summon such creatures, as the Blessing of a Täysi Nolla guarantees that upon death a soul will move on to the afterlife and the body cannot be raised by magic.


Other than serving a higher calling and getting to see the world, there are few benefits to being a Täysi Nolla. It is considered polite to offer them food and lodging if they are passing through town, and while they will usually accept the offer of a meal, rarely will they accept lodging.

Accoutrements & Equipment

While the style varies from person to person, the Täysi Nolla are almost always seen wearing a wide brimmed hat in areas that they may be seen, this is to obscure the actual mark of their order, unnatural Shadows that are cast upon their skin by things unseen. They also carry weapons that rival those of the greatest Paladins, some say they are better as they do not loose power on ground that is Un-Hallowed  
Firbolg Täysi Nolla with his badger companion
Religious, Military
Alternative Naming
Haunted Ones
Equates to
Paladin, Grand Cleric, or High Priest.
Source of Authority
Length of Term


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